30m dash - feedback??


I know that my front arm was awful in the second clip, but other than that I’d like to hear other people’s observations and suggestions…

pretty good,

in blocks your hands may be set a bit too wide, the stronger you are the wider you can go. Have you tried them in a bit closer? say 1/2 way towards under shoulders.

When you start really drive that lead arm up and out. Here is a post I made to someone a while ago about starts that may be helpful.

Standard guide is front block 2 feet (in spikes) from line and back 3 back although this may vary for those with longer legs. Reason for setting is feet are generally 1/2 length of shin.

Front block always 1 lower than the back

dominant foot back

lead hand is same as forward leg

hand width is determined by strength, wider requires more strength, good place to start is under shoulders and work from there if necessary

shoulders should be ever so slightly forward of hands and get there when you take your mark, from there simply lift your bum straight up. Eyes look down and back so the spine, neck and back of head forms a straight line.

Key to good starts is being still in the set position. Try to get there and not move around!

[b]Think of clearing the lead hand only do not try and power out with the legs, pump the arms the legs will follow. Short steps are good, don’t force it!

To clear the lead hand the elbow bends and moves out to the side finishing at eye level with the hand level with it. Don’t think power just move fast, like a cat trying to catch a fly, it doesn’t try and power it just flicks at it that is how you want the lead hand to move.

When the gun goes you want it to be like when a gun backfires…you should be gone and then think…that was the gun![/b]

It looks like you may be trying to get into full stride a bit quick, especially in the last one you PMd me (hope you don’t mind me sharing)


Can’t see much because of the quality, but it looks like your back leg is completely straight like in a 3-point start.

btw. where is this shoot? I would just love running on grass right now.

melbourne, australia…