30 meter = 40 yard calculator conversion

if i run a 3.7 30 meter time what does that work out to in the 40 yard dash?

im gunna guess 4.2 40 yard time…

I’d say around 4.3.
Handtimed I’ve gone 6.8 in the 60 and when I played college football at camp I ran 4.42 hand.

yea, ur prolly right, i think we run about the same for 30 meter if i remember correctly but ud whop my pb in the 60 as of now… but u got a bit more endurance (30m is all i got really haha) cuz ur actually a sprinter, im just a jumper

How about 3.7 for 40 yds?
or 5.50 for 50m?
or 6.33 for 60m
or 9.79 for 100m? ( while easing up )

Sounds like science fiction ( sounded like sci fi)

Charlie’s words, not mine…

" Whether it’s football, hockey, soccer, or basketball, the greats are separated from the rest by their superior speed, power and acceleration. You want to improve? What are you going to do about it? Are you going to get help from the man who produced 23 world records? How fast do you want to be today?"

There is what your time SHOULD convert to and then you need to face the FACTS.

  1. How long is your warm up? I can almost guarantee if you improve the warm up of your training, your fitness level will improve as will your speed. Sounds crazy but I’ve watched decent performing track athletes, weight lifters who are competitive and entire groups of people belittle the role a warm up plays in performance.

  2. take a look at this blog
    Sprint Training Warm-up Question #100m #MastersTrack – Charlie Francis Archives

  3. Everyone can add into their training routine REGENERATION. Epson salt baths, contrast baths using 3 min hot and 1 min cold and doing at least 3 cycles and end on cold ( as you can tolerate it :wink: Lots of people tell me "oh yeah I know but have never tried it, regen 1 x per week or think about it but do not ROUTINELY rest, actively rest and take it easy to improve the quality of all their training.

I know you are looking for have a different answer but try these steps as imho from years of watching the easy stuff and free stuff is often overlooked.