30 m hand timed

4.61 is not fat but timed by my 1’st movement you would see. The 3’rd attempt was mere 4.75 though i seem have had really slowed down the last 5 m. So 3 attempts 4.46/4.61/4.75. The 1’st two I’ve ran the fullest. Even equaling it we have 4.6 in 40 m. I don’t know what the wind readings were lol.
I never warming up lol. But I have the opposite. With each race run I gain a bit of pain going up in the feet it becomes harder to run.
I don’t approach a coach they tend to make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction. They would start from you should squat over 200 kg, bench press 130 kg etc to add 0.1 to your timings bullshit nope? I doubt I could even bench press 200 lbs a couple of times. You name it who was it one of the greatest scientist who said - between the actual motion and imaginary motion in brain reactions is definately 100 % no differencies
hello tamfb anyway so how does your name translate?

tamfb=meast=half man half beast. hello bumer anyway so how does your name translate?

What is keeping you from running in a race then? With that kind of speed (4.46+.3 = 4.76) you would be able to do some very big things right off the bat.

Nothing I guess but the schools stadium I run in has fences on either sides of 100 m I couldn’t stop that fast lol. I will try 60 m in a month. I have 2 week vacation then the Olympics the amazing perfomances will boost the engines.
I read the fastest times run the easiest effortless. I’ve been tensing up too much now I feel that it’s easier run when it’s effortless. When I ran 30 m crossing the mark and coming off the engines I freewheeled even faster for the next 5 + meters lol. You have to find a golden middle.
I don’t know what the bumer means. A movie title I guess. Smart ehh lol?

lol can’t upload files

A couple of questions
No white man ever broke 10 sec?
Can a man who broke the wr demand just say 10 millions in cash right in 3 hours?

I did want to upload file it fails why?

I had 30m time trials today… automatic timing, minus reaction time. timer starts as soon and your thumb moves… anyway… I ran 3.76, 3.75, 3.72

+0.10sec= 3.82sec
+0.15sec= 3.87sec

Nice work bro, hope you have a strong and healthy season!

thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing - it’s nice to see real results (not a table) from a low 10 runner. Out of curiosity, can you tell me your current broad jump and vertical jump so I can tell the kids I teach & coach.

Standing LJ 3.28m , Standing Triple 9.44m, vertical jump 93cm and 132cm standing box jump.

we do a pentathlon every november… 30m, STJ, SLJ, Over head Back throw, between legs forward throw… incidentally ours was today… anyway… the coaches use this to assess progress from year to year. i’ve already mentioned my jumps… my over head back is 17.09m and 14.85m forward throw (with the largest shot… not sure how heavy it is). I think linford christie thre 20.25m behind over head throw and donovan bailey 19high.

Thanks a lot.

Why I cannot upload files not in this thread I have started myself nor even at post your focking video forum? The upload failed, it’s getting uploaded 3 mins but then fails? Since that forum is fulfiled by experts I did want to hear their opinion of my run. I can run 4.5 - 4.6 40 m handtimed any day, out of no blocks on uneven asphaltum/asphalt no spikes shoes. There was a suggestion I can break 10s. I would love to hear opinions of experts either I def do 10.5 fat or 10 fat or 9.5 fat before I run an actual race with real deal sprinters. I don’t have 1000 posts so cannot upload a damn or what??? You can laugh I nor my friends don’t see any difference in eplode between AP or UB and me…I did want to share so everyone would laugh or get agape but what I see in the end is big F UCK!!! I can’t upload snap shots either. What is the maximum video size I can upload to this forum and the one I have is vewed by quicktime player.
Any suggestion? Should I try it from another computer or what?

Can you upload it to something like youtube.com or megaupload.com?

Mortac8 I did want to send you a private messege and to do that I have to have the aol installed, unbeliavable, this forum format is unique. I have very slow cpu and dial up internet. To upload to utube I will have at 1’st to know how it will deal with the format of the video, 2’nd to move on to a more faster computer and 3’rd how is it to do? U can upload at least snap shots? What is your email!
ps This forum is easy to handle, unbeliavable Why it says you can upload your files from your computer lol

Not to rip on you, but the only way you will find out how fast you are in the 100m is to run a 100m, 40m is too short…I’d still like to see the video though

If you watch a competitive 100m race you will realize that the race is really decided in the latter part of the race… what size is the video anyway, how many megabytes?

Hello jamaican) you rule sprinting. From Russia with love. I hear all the times that 20, 30, 40 is short. Well you have to have a game plan as you say if you are the expert you guess what my time is in 100 +/- a bit based just on 20 - 40. I’m 6’2 tall as the friend of yours Asafa Powell, though I bit lighter I guess 180 lbs. Running 40m I don’t even understand what has happened 2 sec afterwards I was so fast I don’t even think the rest ie 60 will be of any ifluence or I will decelerate that much. Though it’s still speculation of course I have never ran agaisnt any sprinter as much as it would sound funny. So if you - the experts say you should definately run agaisnt your local sprinters I will run 40 and if I break them 100 % I enter some competition and run 60 timed fully electronic. And of course I don’t know what will say the local coach but I’m all by myself I will not be changing anything if it will not come down on me. I’m very ego centered. It would be more of fun to approach a local knowitall and start from see these guys from the USA and Jamaica say I’m low 10 runner or something, what are you looking at lol
The video is 30 megabytes ( shot on nixon coolpix 5600 ) I can reckord a new one may be indoors somewhere. But may be 20 m and I need another 15 to stop. We have 200 m stadium in another city.

its funny how many people think they can run sub 10sec.

I don’t know the accuracy of the person timing you… but when I was running 4.6HT 40m I was running 10.48-10.58 FAT… on the other hand, top speed is my strength. I train with guys who are with me to 40m but I am 0.3 faster in the 100m… one guy I trained with last year would beat us to 30m but he ran 10.6x… 0.6 slower than me. atleast do a timed 80m-100m run… that will give you a better idea of where you are.

btw… what does this mean? “…I nor my friends don’t see any difference in eplode between AP or UB and me…”

Well I’m no expert, but I can guess that for different people with a similar 40m time, the 100m time can be very different, especially for someone who doesn’t have alot of 100m experience or lack strength/technique/top speed maintenance (eg. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbAmx0-xBnQ at about 3 minutes into the video with Ben Johnson more or less maintaining his speed up to 50m then fading from there onto the finish).

For me I don’t really think I can predict a 100m time based on a 40m time, but as I said, I am no expert… I used to think I was fast, until I ran a full out 100m and saw the time…that’s why the male and female elites of track and field will always have my respect

I still would like to see the video tho, why not try one of those free file sharing sites

I think he meant he says he doesn’t see the difference in ?explode?(start speed I guess) among Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt and himself