30 m hand timed

I did run 30 metres 3 attempts 4.07/4.11/4.01 Handtimed by my first movement, stopped untill my shouders passed the 30 m mark as I’ve asked to time the school coach. No starting blocks, concrete and uneven surface as it’s gotten old etc and i have run in such shoes that have no spikes very thin as if I were runnin bare footed everyone has said you can’t run in such shoes moreover upon concrete. So should I drive to my local club with the real track surface, buy new shoes and start from blocks? Any potential? Does starting from blocks, runnin on a better surface with better shoes can end me up in 3.8 what I assume the time showed by elite’s in 30 m?
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Dont get too happy my friend your not even close to being elite, elite sprinters run 3.8 fat with reaction.:cool:

Fat = is start by command? So it becomes 3.6?

ok champ, whatever float ur boat.

Yes, if you subtract reaction time it would be around 3.6.-3.7. Hand times are not too reliable, they can consistently be half a second off or more, but those times are not bad.
There is always potential to improve, especially if you have not been training in the past.

Thanks. Starting from blocks on a real track can subtract 0.2 if so it will be 3.8

I run around those times including reaction, but with spikes and blocks though. I run 100m at around 11.1x

Blocks and spikes wont help you that much if you’re not used to it. So I don’t think you can do much better if you include reaction times.

However, those times are pretty good for a beginner and if you’re totally untrained today I think you can do pretty good after say 1-2 years of training. Maybe 10.3X on 100m if you can find a good coach.

Maybe 10.3X on 100m if you can find a good coach.

Wow… that’s stretching it… :smiley:

A naturally fast person would be way under 4" in the 30m HT already.

The USATF Training Splits table (for manual timing, from blocks, but from a gun, not first movement) lists

30m blocks 4.07h = 100m 11.47 FAT.

You have to make adjustments for blocks, shoes, surface. But for first movement you add something like 0.5 to the time, not 0.24, as the timer is reacting to the athlete and the athlete is not reacting to the gun.

Starting can be improved by block practice (lots), squats, plyos, and acceleration work, but 4.07 from first movement isn’t even in the same universe as 10.3.

I had the clock on Matt Shirvington out of blocks to 30m from first movement. I had him consistent 3.6s, nothing faster. Matt’s in high 10.3 shape, so 3.6s should be enough for 10.5 e. During races this season Matt has gone through 30m in 3.92. So I usually add 0.3 to my timing.

How are we getting 3.6-3.8 out of 4.1 hand time on first movement?

LKH yes that is what I was talking about - adjustments for shoes, surface and blocks. I ran those times on asphalt in a school’s stadium, in shoes so thin that it feels like I run barefooted and no blocks, from low start, there was nothing to push off of anything. Say if I run again in such conditions 3.8 then would it mean that I could have run 3.6 on a good track, out of blocks and better shoes from my 1st movement? I may be exagerating but I’m a novice. I don’t even want to try 60 or 100 untill I’m good at 30. I’m a tall guy 6’2 and so far I know the tall guys are generally bad at the beginin’ that is why as of now I’m geared at 30 m.

tables are bullshit … i run 3.65 HT off blocks and do high 11 for the 100m FAT…

It is accurate, because it does look fast and it does catch up with 10.7 guys i train with… but then I just totally completely FUCK MYSELF UP like you have never seen before, im probably the best example in the world for lack of form and SE, but a decent start

Silencer you run 3.65 out of blocks from your 1st movement? How tall are you and weigh? How you add half a second or more if the timer starts from your 1st movement. The time reaction would be no more than the reaction of the starter to the gun if the timer is not slow or breaks as we speak. I will make 1 1/5 strides and what the timer only seeing that reacts? He reacts as soon as I slightly move I estimate it will be no more than 0.3 tops I repeat if the times is not “breaks”!!!
Shortly. Would it be accurate to call me a fast starter if I run consistently 3.8 30 meters on asphalt, in crap shoes, out of no blocks from my 1st movement? Having achieved this should I try myself out with those adjustemts i.e better shoes, better surface out of blocks in a real stadium? Would it better my result to 3.6 as I understood elite’s run?

Elite’s run 3.6 FAT with reaction time to 30m, not handtimed from first movement.

You still aren’t grasping that handtimes vary so much that you really should only use them to give you a gauge as to where you may/may not be.

Bumer, If you are really that curious as to what your 30m converts to, why not run an actual 100m with FAT timing? That will solve everything.

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I can’t find place nearby to really run 100 m, the school’s stadium I 've timed my 30 m has 100 m mark but 5 metres futher up is a fence if I would have run 100 m I would have had to learn to jump over this fence I don’t joke. Also there’s asphalt with bumps allover the surface it’s not even at some spots. I could have run 60 meters there but I don’t want to as I get certain at 30 m. As I have already said I’m tall 6’2 the start or acceleration I’m now interested of and how it works. WRCortese5 can you translate me what fat timing means? IF I run good 30 m I’ll drive to my citys stadium on the other side of the city, approach a coach there and ask him time my 60 m and what is wrong. Hand times may vary that’s why I did 3 runs and averaged them. Minus reaction time ben johnson time at 30 m mark was 3. 63. I guess hand times would be half a sec and more if you run 100 m. In september 2007 I have had myself clocked 30 m mark and I ended up 5 sec!!! I knew it was very slow. Up to this april I haven’t run a single time all that time untill a week ago I walked to my school’s stadium which is 5 min pace walk out of my home and see a sec drop!!! I gave a thought that back then I’ve run wrong upstraight and no forward lean. Adjusting only this component costed me a drop a whole sec, I’m whole untrained. I’m not that all that serious about that but I was quite shocked. it’s a hobby as of now