3 months til camp...

Hey Guys,

O.K. here’s the deal, I have 3 months until camp starts, and I need to do a few things, basically loose some weight, picked up one of those maurice clarett guts, and get stronger. Right now everything looks like this:

M- Speed
T- Routes
W- Tempo
T- Speed
F- Off
S- Routes
S- Off

Weights are cycled everyother day…

T-ME Upper
Th- ME Lower
S- DE Upper

M-DE Lower
W-ME upper
F- ME lower

so on and so forth for six full cycles…meaning i will have 6 ME upper, ME lower, DE upper, and DE lower workouts all together.

I will do some kind of abdominal/core work everyday.

I also will play my push-up game at will…basically just get a deck of cards, place 3 cards face down, flip one over, do however many push-ups the card says. Face cards=10 Aces=11 and jokers= 15.

My max bench is 280
Max Squat is 350
40 yd ran 4/18/05 is 4.40 and 4.41 handtimed from first movement. 4 point stance.

I’m not looking to be ready to play by the time camp starts, just to be in the best physical condition possible.

I’m 6’2 227lbs (right now) I’m thinking i should be somewhere around 210 to be at my best.

If you guys have any comments i’m all ears (eyes).


Freak -

With that schedule you will have back-to-back high intensity sessions, which isn’t good. With the 3-day Westside template, you could do something like this:

M: Speed, ME upper
T: tempo
W: speed, ME lower
T: tempo
F: speed, DE upper
S: tempo
S: rest
so forth and so on.

You could start by practicing your routes at 70% on tempo days, and then once you can run them comfortably, add some 100% routes on speed days.