2v2 with pivot players (SSG)

We used this for Speed/Special Endurance Metabolic Conditioning in soccer

I’m confused. You list a progression but suggest 2 or 3 times a season for this work. Which is it? (As you can imagine, I favour the latter, if at all)

That makes two of us :slight_smile:
Progression is hypothetical, instead of doing repeated sprints with short rest (RSA), it is a lot more better to do duel games. As with any other training mean there are variations and different objectives. There may be a period in training (SPP last parts before in-season, and maybe during the in-season once every two weeks) where duel games can be emhasised for the aim of achieving ‘specific endurance’. During this period, some form of progression can/should be used.
I don’t beleive that duel games are so ‘draining’ like other SE work thought