2nd Year Progressing - 12 to 11

Well, it´s time to get back to reality.
Let´s see what is coming next months.

C ya !! :cool:

April 11th - Monday
Max Load Weights (Quilos)

SQUAT 8x78 7x84 6x88 6x92
POWER CLEAN 8x40 8x42 7x44
SNATCH 8x34 8x36
LEG EXTENSION 8x30 8x32 8x34
BENT OVER ROW 9x40 7x44 6x48
BENCH 7x79 6x80 5x81
LYING LEG CURL 7x42 6x44 5x46 4x50
INCLINED BENCH 7x60 6x62 5x64
LEG CURL STAND 8x27 7x29 6x32
DEAD LIFT 8x44 8x48

Total Time : 1h30’

April - 12th Tuesday

3 x 150m ( 4 minutes rest )

1st: 19.32s ( 98% )
2nd: 19.56s ( 96% ) starting lactic
3rd: 20.72s ( 91% ) lactic killing me :eek:

April 13th - Wednesday

Endurance / Tempo

2 sets of 5 reps 200m each one
times @ 35s for 200m ( 73% )
rest between reps 90s
rest between sets 3m

wut are your pbs now, and your weight room maxes. Heheheh this is my second year as well and trying to break to 11, i’m also brazilian hahaahaha. I can’t write it good cause i lived most of my life in canada but i understand EVERYTHING hahahahaha. going down mr flying man

WUp Senri ?!
Oh man, your avatar is freaking !!!
Well, my last PB was measured couple months ago, but i believe that i´m running about to 11.5, but the interest here is that i´ve just “discovered” how to run this past two weeks, so, i did something that most of the “normal” people would considerer Crazy stuff but just a real sprinter can understand this;
i took a PC, a VCR and a DVD and put these 4 elements including me on my room for 5 entire days, i have a lot of races in my PC, including personal races or practice shots…what can i tell you ?!
I did a very good homework there and i just find out why i was not covering the 100m under 11s easily even “steping” 45 to 50 times 2meters each to cover 100m distances…
If i had a chance to live in a country that speak english, maybe i woud talk to you a little better but at this moment, i can do nothing about, i´m in a level of:
Good morning,
Good afternoon,
good night,
tks, you´re wellcome, stop, go, start, etc, etc, etc… :smiley:

So, what tha fu…are you doing in Canada my man ?

you can write in portuguese i can read. I still have yet to find out the technique to run proper 100. I’ve been living in canada for 14 years, althoug most of my family is down in sao paulo or araraquara and ribiero preto as well as minas gerais. My dad told me I could’nt beat him in the 100 so i’m out to beat his time, he was also good friends with joaquim cruz the 800m champion. apparantly i had a picture taken with him when i was a baby but the picture got burnt down when some friends of my mom bumped the the photo album in the fireplace where we lived, the negatives they could not find.

Cara, se seu pai é assim tão rápido, vou ter de perguntar quem é ele ?
Mas e então ? Porquê você está no Canadá ? foi morar com sua mãe ? Quantos anos você tem no momento ? Trabalha com o quê ?
Eu moro em Curitiba atualmente, mas nasci no interior do Paraná.
O que posso dizer quanto a correr tiros curtos é que, geneticamente, assim como você pelo jeito, eu fui um privilegiado, nunca perdendo uma corrida quando criança, nunca mesmo, era todo dia alguma criança nova me desafiando e eu sempre vencia, lá pelos 11 para 12 anos, aí comecei a relaxar, e então um ou outro já podia me alcançar, principalmente em longas distâncias.
Aos 16, 17, parei totalmente, pois mudei para Curitiba e comecei a fazer faculdade de Administração de Empresas ( tudo a ver né ? :slight_smile:
e então fiquei parado por uns 6 ou 7 anos, retornei as pistas em 2004, porém, posso mesmo dizer que comecei tudo de novo, pois fiquei tanto tempo parado que minhas fibras foram se readaptando ao meu relaxo.
Hoje, desde que recomecei abaixei meu tempo uns 3 ou 4s para os 100m e uns 6 a 8 nos 200m, porém, isso tudo foi mesmo uma recuperação, pois é de agora pra frente que o bicho vai pegar, afinal de contas, se quebrar a barreira dos 12 já é difícil, imagine a dos 11s.
Você tem vindo para o Brazil ainda ? tem contato com o pessoal daqui ?

Um grande abraço,
meu nome é Rossano e eu estou com 27 anos no momento…ah, só pra lembrar, Frank Fredericks tá com quase 38 e ainda manda 10.x e 20.x , Linford Christie aos 31 se não me engano pegou Ouro nas Olimpíadas de Barcelona, então, idade não é nada, vontade é quase tudo !!

1 grande abraço e até +

he ran 100m in 66 i could’nt find anything if you could that would be great, but its not world class heheh. i was born in sao paulo i’m 19 years old. we moved here for a better life basically , i was 6 years old when i moved here. only my mom and dad live here in canada. i also work at a supermarket. I might be returning to brazil to get my dual citizenship, dont know when maybe end of this year or the next. i started at 18 and am 19 so its my second year as well. I’m the same thing as you man, could’nt run 400m for shit 200 was tough as hell, but i would beat everybody in the elementary days if it was the 100m, but i was very active then, highschool i was very unactive 5 years of now and then here and there not enough sports.be hearin from yea tchau tchau

April 16th - Saturday

2x4x10m Hill ( 30º grass ramp )
3x50m S Try D´s

April 18th - Monday

TRACK from 14:00 to 16:00
8x20m Blocks
2x5x50m S Try D´s Flying start

GYM from 18:30 to 19:30
LEG CURL LOW 6x30 5x32 4x34
LYING LEG CURL 6x46 5x50 4x52
BAR 10A 10A 9F
LEG CURL STAND 7x28 6x30 5x33
POWER CLEAN 8x42 7x44 6x46
SQUAT X-PLOD 7x66 6x68 5x70
SQUAT 90º 7x84 6x88 5x92
BENCH PRESS 7x78 6x79 5x80
LEG EXTENSION 7x34 6x38 7x41

April 19th - Tuesday

Medicine Ball Throws ( 1st session )
2sets of 4 different types of 8 reps with a
5 lb Medicine Ball.

Intensive Tempo
2 x 5 x 110m 85% - Walk rest

April 20th - Wednesday
Abdominals circuit ( 500 )

April 21th - Thursday
Weights Work ( in quilogram )

X-PLOD SQUAT 7x66 6x70 5x74
SPLIT SQUAT 7x12 6x18 8x21
SQUAT 7x84 7x92
LEG EXTENSION 7x35 6x38 6x43
BENCH PRESS 7x79 6x80 5x81
LEG CURL RELAXED 7x30 6x32 5x34
INCLINED BENCH 7x60 6x62 5x64
LYING LEG CURL 6x48 5x50 4x53
SUPINO RUN 8x42 7x46
PULL-UP 5x10

April 22th - Friday
Abdominals 500

April 23th - Saturday
2x3x20m from Blocks

Special Endurance I
150m: 19.4s
150m: 19.09s
110m: 13.84s
100m: 12.84s

The times are bad because i droped off my “usual” stride stile trying a new way of “step over track”, since i´m developing this thing just for 1 week, probabily my times will start to get fast in about 2 to 3 weeks.
It´s a total different way of step over, kind professional but which requires much more power, strenght and endurace.
So, paralel at this, im doing lots of weights and cordenation works.

April 24th - Weights ( Quilos )

P. CLEAN 7x42 6x46 5x48 4x50
X-PLOD SQUAT 7x66 6x72 5x76
BENCH PRESS 7x78 6x80 5x82
SQUAT 7x74 6x84 5x94 5x100
LEG CURL LOW 8x20 7x26 6x30
BENCH RUN MOVE 8x44 6x48
LYING LEG CURL 7x40 6x46 5x50 5x54

Ok, i know, my squats was very low at the beginning but hey, i never did this exercise before, so, i started lower body weights, last january, i was doing 10x42 that time, which was hard someking ( newby on the squats ), today, i did 4 sets, starting at 7x74kg easily performed and finishing with a 5x100kg easily performed too.

April 25th - Monday

April 26th - Tuesday
This day would be a test for me, and the temperature was lower than usual, so, did a longer warm-up but, on my last set of single hops, i droped over a damn hole from throwing balls…ankle sprain level I.
It was the baddest pain i ever felt, nothing like that, my foot swelled instantly, the pain was killing me for the next 4 to 5 hours until anti-flamatories.
Tk god no broken bones, just a “normal” joint injurie Level I.
So, i´m doing the RICE and some kind of phisioterapic exercises.
Today i did my weights but a little bit different than usual because of the pain over ankle.

H. KNEE WEIGHTED 20x1 20x2 15x3 15x4 15x4
BENCH PRESS 10x72 7x78 4x84
LEG EXTENSION 10x25 10x30 9x35 8x40 8x45
LEG CURL LOW 8x25 8x28 7x33 6x36 5x39
LYING LEG CURL 6x43 6x48
BENCH RUN 8x42 7x46 6x50
AGACHAMENTO 2/3 8x32 8x42 8x48 8x54
( quilograms ).

Well, after almost 10 days without sprint, just doing weights and other little things, my weights and strenght are doing very very well.
This was performed yesterday, it was one of hardest session of weights, 1h 30m without rest. ( Mix lower and upper body rest ).

HIGH KNEE WEIGHTED 20x5 18x6 15x7 15x8
BENCH PRESS 5x82 4x84 4x88
LYING LEG CURL 6x45 5x53 5x56 4x60
FULL SQUAT 8x32 7x42 6x52 5x60
LOW LEG CURL 6x33 5x36 4x38
INCLINED BENCH 6x62 5x66 4x68
SPLIT SQUAT 6x32 5x38 4x42
LEG REVERSE 10.2 10.3 8.2
LEG EXTENSION 7x43 6x48 5x53 5x56
MILITARY PRESS 9x32 8x36 6x40 6x43
SQUAT X-PLOD 8x72 7x82
SQUAT 5x106 5x116

I’m impressed with your upper body weights. With bench press, do you bring the bar all the way to touching your chest? You’re benching a little more than me, my RM1 is 85kg, but my leg strength seems better than yours, I have cleaned 90kg. Not trying to put you down or anything. Just saying if you can bring your lower body strength up to match your upper body you’ll be doing well. Good luck in your endevour to break into the 11s. That’s kinda my goal, to run them consistently. I done 11.8, but only once, but I did 11.6 in training in December, and a 7.4 60m yesterday in training, so hopefully I can take my pb down a couple of tenths!

Well tks Maris,
i guess the reason why i have stronger upper body is because i always did some kind of weight work for my upper body, and for lower body, i started this year. That´s why too my lower body strenght is getting up each day ( i started doing squats with 50kg about 2 months ago and i´m doing 116kg easily now ) and i have 6 more weeks of max strenght work.
Now i would like to know, where are you from ? how older is you and what is your body type ?


I am 22 from Britain. Body type. Put it simply, I guess I am a mesomorph, and I have reasonably long legs for my height. I am 186cm and 84kg. Skinfold measurements have me at just under 9% body fat. Not sure really what else there is I can tell you. Any specific questions I’ll gladly answer.