2nd Year College Short Sprinter Journal



-wanted to do my premeet today (meet on friday) but got called into a night shift at work. I will just do it tomorrow. probably better that way anyways as I have a cubicle job 8-5 so I’ll be pretty inactive day off before the meet
-watched a bunch of the video I had built up. noticed that my arm drive in front is very passive after my first step and that it appears as if I’m barely applying any force to the ground after my first step. my leg moves through the rom, but there’s a total lack of pop until I’m upright. my giant lag in the 2nd half of my drive phase I think has to do with me quitting to accelerate for this stretch in between exiting my starting stance until I get upright. I don’t know why my legs are quitting on me like thisI think I might be overdoing relaxtion at the start to the point of not using any of the explosivenss I’ve developed through plyos or lifting
-in the long jump, I’m simply just not jumping high enough. my whole jump is pretty much flat
-in the jav, the jav is twisting a bunch while I’m throwing it which explains its curved flight and right before I throw I hit the brakes really hard and lose all my momentum


-jav progression
-functional warm-up
-3x30m 3 pt (full recovery)
-1 lj

-I think I’m not straightening my leg in jav because I’m cushioning the impact so I don’t slip, since I’ve been throwing on grass and don’t have heel spikes. I think this would add some distance
-as long as I try to keep the jav’s path/flight straight then I can get a pretty solid flight. I’m having trouble getting my jav to stick on the tip, though. Might just be because my jav is not of great quality
-had probably my best long jump ever. I just took steps my steps, tried not to think and jumped as high as I could. everything was probably still messy, but I went decently far. I really am just not good at jumping off one leg though. I can barely touch the net on a basketball hoop from one foot but can grab rim off two :confused:
-took a video of my start. when I just think naturally and try to run away from the starting line, my mechanics look pretty solid, except my second step is always so choppy. I think this occurs because while my heel recovery is very low on my first stride, its recovery lags really heavily, I don’t start to pull it forward until my other foot already is making contact with the ground. I think after the wrist flick I should immediately start my next step as opposed to I always feel a little bit of hangtime


Baystate qualifiers:
jav -> 153.x ft
400m -> 55.9h
lj -> 19.5 ft

ice ankle (15’)

-bruised up the inside of my lower ankle/inner heel during a botched run through for lj. I think all my numbers would have been better without that, especially my lj because it was swollen by that point
-it was unfortunate I couldn’t lj before the 400, my legs were jelly after
-doing events was interesting. I had never really stressed about running from event to event or missing a race start and warming up was much more hectic than I’m used to. Also, because of storms, they really rushed the meet along
-in jav, most of my warm up throws were better than my 153. I think I can throw in the 160s with a decent throw. also, I’m not currently using any torque at all and not much core, because my release gets messy if I do. I really think I can add a ton of distance if I can get that down and speed up my run up
-in the 400m, I felt great through about 250m and was right up with a 50s runner without feeling tired, then my lack of conditioning and se for the last 2-3 months kicked in, haha
-sped up my second step out of the blocks and its definitely smoother, i’d like to look at it on tape
-in the lj, I still have no landing form. I jump and kind of end up in a cannonball position. personally, I didn’t really enjoy lj that much and I’d have to be breaking 23’ to jump at my school so after the finalist meet for baystates I probably won’t go back
-ankle was a bit discolored after the meet and starting to swell a bit
-qualified for the finalist meet in the 400, possibly in the jav and possibly in the lj


ice ankle (15’)

~1 mi jog
self-massage sore spots

ice ankle (15’)

ice ankle (15’)

-heel a bit tender at beginning of jog, but got better as it went along. going downhill was still a bit iffy and being on grass was better
-taking ibuprofen and just trying to get my ankle back to injury free. waited 24’ from injury time before applying any heat, and contrasted that with icing in case circulation blew it up even with the epsom salt
-watched some videos and it looks like most better jav throwers throw a lot more similar to baseball throwers than is often taught, as it looks very rotational, not linear, just they release the jav going off to the side a bit so it straightens itself out. also, they can go very fast on the crossovers and have a solid block with their front leg

-really twisting off to my left (I throw righty) on my jav throws, gotta get rid of this baseball habit if I ever want the jav to fly straight. I know I have the core strength and the right explosiveness to make the jav fly, just I need it to fly straight while I still can use my core. when I try to use my core, I keep sending it in a hook and I fall off to my left. What’s funny is in baseball, when throwing from the outfield, I used to fall directly forward. the extra weight of the javelin must be even screwin up my mechanics if I were to try and throw it just like a baseball


jav work
start work
full warm-up

7x1 clean@205
7x3 power squat@315
-calf raise
-hammy curl

-working on controlling the weight more in lifts, even if it sacrafices a bit of weight. controlled and smooth on the way down and as fast as possible on the way up
-tried to go heavier in the clean at first, but my catch was too messy, I think I was nervous about getting under it


functional warm-up
7x3 bench@185
-lat pull down
-db shoulder press
-db biceps curl
-side shoulder raise
-bentover pull
cool down

-realized grip was too narrow in bench, spread it out a bit and felt much better
-decent doms from squatting


7x3 each human flag (max hold, less jump on the way up)
-each cable twists
-bosu ball crunch
-each side bend
-ab rollout
-prone cobra

-minor chest doms. ligaments in my armpits a bit tender?



-left heel still swollen from long jump, but pain is really beginning to subside. I’ll just keep up the self-therapy and hopefully it’ll be gone soon!


some starts
easy circuitx3:
-medball twist throws
-crunch w/ twist
-hanging curl up
some reps of db:
-biceps curls
-shoulder press
-side shoulder raise
-rear delt fly

-was planning on lifting heavy full body, but legs felt so burnt after the starts that I decided just to do some upper body “beach” work
-cued my foot motion directly and thought of making my motion right from the beginning moving directly forward, and I stayed down much longer, looked more powerfully and faster and had low heel recovery. I think the only thing to fix is that because of my extreme bow-leggedness, on my first stride my foot will often cross the midline and will land on the wrong side of my body. this, in turn, locks up my hips a bit. I think things will look really excellent once I fix this first stride and get the motion automatic so I don’t even need to really cue my foot but can just run
-my legs being burnt I think was a result of being lower longer, so I had to use my leg muscles much more, and running faster than usual
-will be taking next few days off for vacation/transition to my college team’s program which starts with july. if I return from vacation and the workouts are still not out, then I probably will just continue to do some mechanical work and hit the lifts that aren’t really included in my team’s programs
-giving up the jav unless someone drops from baystates and I manage to qualify. I can’t get the jav not to curve if I throw it hard, and I don’t have enough time to fix this without hampering my sprint training, so i’d just be risking not being good enough at either to be on my college team



-team program should start anytime now. I’ll just do some mechanical work and some close to max lifts followed by beach work in the meanwhile. everything low-volume, just hitting some stuff that won’t be priopritized for the next couple months so itd be nice to have a handle on them
-i also notcied that on my 2nd step my left leg is still not getting to the point it should as at toe off from my right leg, my left knee will not be ready to come immediately down, i’ll have al ittle lag time and at ground contact, there is “daylight” between my legs. plus my hip motion doesn’t look fluid


a bunch of starts

-just some tech work. I took a bunch of video
-stuff is really starting to shape up. I really made sure that I was running fluid as opposed to stiff and a lot of stuff fell into place. I ddin’t feel like I was trying as hard, but considering some glute soreness the next day and some leg triedness during, I think I was running fast. my knees approached the midline better, I had some good hip rotation and my knee height was pretty good. my heel recovery was still higher than I would like on my 2nd step, but at least it isn’t overly high now. also, my left arm straightens all the way out on the backswing and passes my hip still pretty straight while swinging forward; I’m thinking the two could be connected. I wouldn’t worry about the heel recovery except for the fact that on my first step its very low (toe scrapes ground) then on the next stride it clearly jumps up a ton. drive phase was extended and even top speed felt much better. I’ve really just been having some bad body positions and this was casuing me to tighten up


some more starts

-push ups
-pull ups
-crunch w/ twist
reps with resistance band:
-biceps curls
-side shoulder raise
-shoulder press
some calf raises on stair

-had a bit of a step back when trying to pick up the stride rate a bit. i will do some more starts on thursday and i think that will be all i need to have my mechanics be where i want them
-was too late by the time i was done running to get to the gym so i just did a bit of a pump up at home. i will make sure to get into the weightroom by friday (and hopefully tomorrow if all goes well with the starts!)



-still icing, contrasting and taking ibuprofen daily for left heel/ankle. the pain is only noticible if I actively heel strike now, or stretch my ankle. swelling has mostly subsided, but regardless, i don’t think i’m planning on doing long jump at the baystate finals


mechanics work
easy “beach lifts” circuit (push-ups, pull-ups, abs, upper amr db work, etc)

-weightroom will be the focus tomorrow. team program should be out soon…
-mechanics finally getting hammered down. exit pretty horizontal, then naturally rise until ~30m then work at getting into a good upright posture. heel recovery is still pretty high, but i guess thats just how my legs work. i hit triple ext and knees are getting up, so maybe hip flexor weakness or something forces me to shorten the lever otherwise i can’t get the foot through in time
-main flaws that would occur is I would never get totally upright for top speed or I would try to stay too low in accel so I began to overstride, or I would tense up. I also will exit my starting stance too high every onece in a while. blocks would defnitely helped this and its mostly a problem from a 2 pt stance as i always exit at my shin’s original angle, but in a two point that front foot has to be much flatter. I wouldn’t worry about this, except that we do a 30m standing test in the fall
-looking closer, i do have some natural side-to-side motion while starting, but its diguised a bit by the fact that i am extremely bowlegged


some starts on grass
clean, up to 225
bench, up to 205
squat, up to 350
human flag, up to a few seconds hold (each side)

-working on loosening up the hips on the first couple steps so I don’t pop up
-wanted to get under some heavy weights in the weightrom, since once the season his I don’t have much of an opportunity to get under heavy weights too often, esp while fairly fresh. didn’t push any weights to a max, just a weight that I could get up comfortably with as good mechanics as possible. I was pretty shocked that my squat was up at getting 350 up no problem. because I’ve been so awful with getting reps up in all the lifts, I was happy to see high maxes, esp because that means I’ve been developing fast twitch! The numbers I like to maintain are 1.5xbw for bench, 1.7xbw for clean and 2.5xbw for squat, and seeing where my strength is at now, I think those numbers are totally attainable to have going into winter track this year (i’m sure I’ll hit the clean and squat, not sure about the bench because we don’t bench too much up at school, at 150lbs, I’d need to hit 225 bench, 255 clean and 375 squat, which I think all will happen)


full warm-up
practrcie starts
hypertropy circuit (hit most each lifts 2x8 (full body) and did any injury prevention lifts for a set of 10, plus a little jump rope and medball throws to start off the workout)

-running mechanics are all set. even my 2 pt start is looking better now (I just have to try ad run out of the stance moreso than jump or pop out of it). feeling faster than I ever have! exit a bit high sometimes still, blocks will help this and just not being lazy at the start (obviously triple ext/“popping” out of the start is easier the more upright you get), otherwise my leg hits the groun with not enough flexion to get a good push on my seocnd step
-wanting to do a hypertrophy day because my track program from school starts tomorrow and not too much beach work is included


~1 mi jog
microstretching circuit

-gonna start doing the team workouts tomorrow. took today just to recover well. jogged to loosen up, epsom salted and iced the ankle/heel, stretched, and did a little contrasting in the shower
-haven’t done the microstretch circuit in a while, but pulled it out for today as it seemed fit
-minor chest doms, and inner part of my right thigh is feeling some soreness


full warm-up
3xst. john’s hill sprints
3xcircuit 1a
mon Lift

-friend at the gym pointed out that on lifts from the ground my knee flexion is very minimal. i will work on squatting down a bit more to activate the lift, I think this will help my pull on heavier weights as itd be a bit more similar to a vertical jump motion. also, the barbell neverr contacts my thighs on the way up, and I think I rush the deadlift portion (I am poor at exercises from the hang position, so maybe my poor pulling form is why). this could explain why once the weight gets heavy, I often will end up not getting under the weight, too much lean forward instead of pulling straight up
-the hills were hard. I’m suppose to run em twice a week so i’m sure I’ll see some big improvements before getting back to school
-suppose to hold breath through 40m power outs in warm-up. this felt pretty uncomfrotable for me


full warm-up
~1 mi run
tues lift

-hammy doms and a bit of quad soreness
-holding my breath for the power outs still feels funny, i think it might be causing me to tense up because I don’t feel like my legs are moving as fast as they were, and my rom is not any better. I think i may be trying to take in too big a breath before the run, we’ll see if a more naturally sized breath works (run is only for some seconds, so not like I need any more oxygen)



-side of lower right leg a bit sore for some reason