2nd Quarter Final - Bens at Korea 1988

I´m reading now Speed Trap…( The Heats chapter - is pectacular )
does anyone have a video or link about the 2nd Quarter Final Bens;
1 - LC: 10.11s
2 - DM: 10.13s
3 - BJ: 10.17s

its a part of Bens history and i want to watch it.




Hi Los,
thank you very much for the video,
what player i have to had to watch the movie ?
I tried Windows Media Player but i couldn´t.


Hi Los,
it is a sound file ?
my Windows Media Player can play the sound of the race
but no image.

How can i do to watch ?


I think it might be because you need to install divx, try like www.divx.com or something to download it.

Tks Cocca,
i made a download from www.divx.com
i couldn´t watch the video on DIVX player but
i tried again with Windows Media Player and now it´s ok.
Tks anyway

Tk u too Los

It’s in .avi format. I am having the same problem. I don’t have the software to convert it from .avi to .mpeg or .mov

Do you have the same clip already as .mpeg or .mov??

Hi Vito,
i saw your Avatar ( MC logo ), so, i don´t think you have a Windows Media Player in your PC, right ?
I don´t know how,
but, if you have Windows Media Player try to do as below:
Open your Windows Media Player
Go to File
Click on Open ( Ctrl + A )
select the video ( not a zip format, but the .avi format )

hey Rosscv,
yea I have Windows Media Player 7 for my Mac, and I have tried the .avi as you said but it comes up with an error saying that it can’t be played in this format, weird. At least with Quicktime I can hear the audio, just no video. I have to find the program that will convert the .avi to .mpeg. Thanks for the help

You need DivX

OK people, i converted all of my videos into .avi format, using divx codec 5.05. It compresses the files a great deal, and i use Windows Media Player 9.
BUT, ive since found out that not many people have these and cant play them, so im converting it back to .mpeg, so you guys can view them.

I have deleted the avi version from my server, it has been replaced by an .mpeg version.


Hi Los,
you´re amazinguy,
thank for help us,