29th December training session capture

I know this might sound stupid or pathetic but I’m going to share this with you anyway reason being these are forums for general discussion :). For Christmas I received a Panasonic digital camcorder no not off Santa Claus for you sarcastic people :stuck_out_tongue: I received it to record training sessions and competitions so I could have some fed back on my progression. On the 29th December my father record a training session, it wasn’t a very good recording because he forgot to follow through on our run. He only caught our reactions to the clapper board so I’ve attached a link so you can see the video clip and I would appreciate it if you shared your opinion on it :wink:


Who are you - lane 7 or 8?
Guy in lane 7 looks stronger. Guy in lane 8 does not come off the ground so easy (little lack of ankle strength?).

I am the guy in lane 7 can’t you see the resemblance from my avatar picture? So handsome I know :stuck_out_tongue: but on a serious note I’m felling much stronger this season but have only just begun using weights, which I hope will help me progress my strength.

I’m sorry - the different angle :wink:

I’d like to know what’s the difference in times between you and the guy in lane 8.
Weights might help of course, but it depends on your body-type and sprint level. On my beginners-level I have to accept the frustrating fact that guys who can’t even lift half the weight I can lift run 1 second faster than me.
So strenght and power is only one aspect - or what’s the slogan? Power is nothing without control :wink:

Time wise as in personal bests or over the distance we did in training? We were doing blocks over 20m x 3 40m x 3 60m x 3 and then a 150m to finish off but the video recording you saw was over 20m. My coach was hand timing us off our first movement because by the time the sound had got to him at the finish lane we’d probably have finished :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t remember the time for that run but the fastest over 20m was 2.89sec “Me” and he had something like 2.92sec but don’t forget my coach was going off our first movement so its more likely to be 3.03sec. Oh just something to share with you I ran in a little open meeting yesterday over 200m and ran a new personal best of 23.08sec I’m hoping to go under 23sec indoors :slight_smile:

good job! thats a good time for you to open up in. You should easily go 22.7x indoors this year. What are you doing for speed end and special end?

Hi Members

We have discussed allowing members their own webspace at cf.com, as such I’d like to do a trial run. This will allow you to upload your video footage for analysis by cf approved staff for a low monthly fee.

If any members are interested in the ability to upload their footage let me know and i’ll send you the information on the requirements. (Private message me!).

Happy New Year…

If you mean speed sessions we’ve only just started blocks really we’ve done 4 of them. We’re doing 20m x 3 30m x 3 40m x 3 and 60m x 3 usually every block session. But other speed sessions we do acceleration runs over 150m and in and out tempo runs over 100m run build up to 30m maintain for 40m and flat out for 30m. I have my national championships this weekend not British but Welsh so I’ll post my races if you want :slight_smile: hoping to run sub 7sec :cool: