22nd January 2005 Jeff White Motors Indoor International

Here is a video recording of me competing for Wales in the Under 20 men’s 60m at the Jeff White Motors Indoor International on the 22nd January 2005 :). Please share your opinions about the race ;).


I couldn’t see too much wrong, looked pretty good. Shame the electronic clock didn’t catch your time. Still won the race fairly comfortably. Good job well done!

did you get a time at all for that race?

In retrospect I did win the race because Seriashe Childs who came 1st isn’t under 20’s :p. So I came second “in the red Welsh kit” my coach is going to work with me on my pick up for the British Under 20 Indoor Championships he reckons if I can get that sorted I should run 6.8seconds but the hand time was 7.1seconds. I’m competing this weekend at Birmingham so I’ll hopefull have footage of that race and the electronic timing to go with it ;).

I couldn’t tell which one you were but the guy who won looked like he kicked it in 5th

Like I said I was 2nd the one in red :).

oh hahaha i thought you were the dude dressed up like in your avatar.

Similar vest but not the same that’s my club vest in the avatar ;).

I used to go to uni with Sez. Is good to see him running well after a year of injury problems. Any idea what he ran for that 60m?

They gave him 7seconds hand timed but I and many others including official time keepers reckon he ran under 7seconds wouldn’t be surprised he ran 7.03seconds in the Welsh Indoor Championships two weeks ago :slight_smile: still I’ll get him next time I’m still a nipper compared to him but it was great competing against someone with so much experience and who’s achieved some much for a junior :p. So yeah not moving away from that he seems to be running really well but I still kicked his butt to 40m :rolleyes: LOL!

Really? Looked quicker than that, looked like a low 6.9 to me! You were superb to 40, just sank a bit when Sez came up on your shoulder. Things are moving in the right direction though. Random question, but who’s your coach, not Pete Lane by any chance is it?

No not Pete lol my coach is Tom Mayer have you heard of him? He used to coach Tim Benjamin before he went to Jock :).

Can’t say that I have. But he seems to know his stuff if you’ve run 7.1 with room for improvement.

I ony asked cos he used to coach me and I got on with a guy bit older than you by the name of Alex Terrell, who’s fairly useful over both 1 and 2.

Alex is cool a guy I was competing against him last year indoors and outdoors but he’s a senior man now and he’s in the States studying.

Start position looked pretty good but the rest is really hard to judge your with that quality of film (wmv).
Good luck the rest of the season. keep us posted on your progress.