2017 USAPL Raw Nationals


This young Nigerian kid from Houston had a awesome week at 2017 USAPL Raw Nationals. Easy 650lbs squat @ 5’7 188lbs

Look at the guys build. He looks like he has been born to lift heavy weights. Nice long leavers and strong without looking too blocky.

He walked on to play RB at Texas Tech but quit playing now he’s having success lifting heavy weights… His body type is opposite of my body - looks like he has thick joints - I have very small joints (ankles/wrists etc). He also does bodybuilding.

What do you mean blocky? I thought long levers were bad for lifting heavy loads?

I was making a general comment regarding how he looks good. I think you are correct that long levers are not ideal for lifting heavy weights per say.

People with shorter levers and shorter people in height that become very strong can look almost robotic and stiff in how they move. Block like. Athletes that need to run in their sport tend to never look like that. You can always tell a great deal about a person by watching them move and this guy does not appear to have that ‘block like quality’ I’ve described as blocky.

That’s the only thing I hate about the sport of powerlifting.

1: Most of the athletes have bad bodies.
2: Most of the athletes can’t do anything but lift heavy weights in their events.
3: Most are in bad general fitness shape.

I wanna look/be more athletic.

Totally agree. Athletic bodies are visually more pleasing without any doubt.