2012 Men's Olympic 200m Final!!!!

200 Metres - M Final
09 August 2012 - 20:55
Wind: 0.4 m/s

Position Lane Bib Athlete Country Mark . React
1 7 2170 Usain Bolt JAM 19.32 (SB) 0.180
2 4 2169 Yohan Blake JAM 19.44 (SB) 0.172
3 8 2191 Warren Weir JAM 19.84 (PB) 0.162
4 6 3253 Wallace Spearmon USA 19.90 (SB) 0.165
5 5 2547 Churandy Martina NED 20.00 . 0.157
6 2 1759 Christophe Lemaitre FRA 20.19 . 0.153
7 3 1576 Alex Quiñónez ECU 20.57 . 0.185
8 9 2783 Anaso Jobodwana RSA 20.69 . 0.216

Bolt threw away a guaranteed Olympic Record and any shot at the World Record, by shutting it down in the last 15-20m, but he is undoubtedly a ‘living legend’ now.


Everyone around the world was delighted by Bolt’s amazing performances at this year’s Olympics, but could the show that Bolt put on ultimately be the worst thing that could happen for fans? There’s some unsettling quotes by Usain in the article that make me wonder if he’ll be able to stay focused enough to show the form he is in now and showed in 2008/2009 ever again.

Meh he always talked like that. Back in 09 he was talking about the sport not being fun, once yohan beat him, it lit a fire under his ass. I think he really wants rio now and the fact that he will be 30 he thinks it will be more of a challenge. Truth be told, as long as his body doesn’t give out on him, he can keep running amazing times well past 30. As you can see now in many sports…age don’t mean shit. Also I read a story a while back that men peak in strength in there 30s. So as long has yohan is running fast and the few Americans that can almost compete with him, he will keep doing it. Asafa, gay, Gatling all still have the chance to drop fast times. Age ain’t nothing but a number…don’t forget linford and Marlene and all the other 30 plus athletes.