2011 NZ Champs

Nick Willis battles the elements to win the national 5000m title

25/03/2011 10:11:30 p.m.
Nick Willis was able to turn a training run into a New Zealand title win when he overcame the blustery cold conditions at the Caledonian Stadium in Dunedin today.
After a slow start, Tony Payne eventually moved through to set some form of pace from the front. But after 2000m, Willis took control and soon had the field running in his wake.
Willis battled the head wind down the main straight each lap and worked hard on the remaining 300m each lap coming home in a time of 14m 34.32s.
Luke Hurring won the race for second in 14m 42.06s with Tim Hodge third in 14m 43.48s.
“My coach said to be brave and just get a good hard work out, so I’m proud of myself,” said Willis.
“Titles are all that matters at the nationals and I managed to pick up my third senior title so I’m very happy,” he added.
Willis won the national 1500m title in 2006 and in 2008.
Carl Van der Speck of Auckland collected his third senior 100m title in a row, clearing away from a strong field mid way down the straight to clock 11.07s. Isaac Tatoa of Auckland was second with Tim Jones of Canterbury third.
Andrea Koenen of Auckland won her first senior 100m title in 12.37s, from defending champion Anna Smythe of Otago and team mate Rochelle Coster.
Philip Jensen of Wellington, who won his first national hammer throw title 23 years ago, chalked up his seventeenth win in the event with a throw of 59.04m.

Matt Baxter of Taranaki ran an outstanding 8m 30.68s for the conditions to win the M16 3000m.

100m: Carl Van der Speck (Akld) 11.07s 1, Isaac Tatoa (Akld) 11.21s 2, Tim Jones (Cant) 11.29s 3.
5000m: Nick Willis (Wgtn) 14m 34.32s 1, Luke Hurring (Cant) 14m 42.06s 2, Tim Hodge (Wgtn) 14m 43.48s 3.
3000m walk: Quentin Rew (Wgtn) 11m 51.59s 1, Mike Parker (Akld) 13m 38.47s 2.
Shot put: Liu Yang (China) 18.56m 1, Tom Walsh (Cant) 18.26m 2, Shaka Sola (Wgtn) 15.70m 3, Kieran Fowler (Otago) 15.39m 4.
Hammer throw: Philip Jensen (Wgtn) 59.04m 1, Ryan Tinkle (Wgtn) 54.92m 2, Damian Smuts (Wgtn) 52.58m 3.
100m: Ryan Howe (Waik/BoP) 11.20s 1, Dee Jay Kennedy (Sthld) 11.32s 2, Joseph Millar (Waik/BoP) 11.34s 3.
5000m: Cameron Graves (Akld) 14m 40.07s 1, Jonathan Jackson (Akld) 14m 53.77s 2, Alex Fowler (Cant) 15m 14.16s 3.
3000m walk: Daniel Lord (Cant) 13m 36.08s 1.
Hammer throw: Ryan Tinkle (Wgtn) 58.73m 1, Alex Fafeita (Wgtn) 50.59m 2, Dean Rusbatch (Otago) 44.93m 3.
Long jump: James Hutchens (Wgtn) 7.39m 1, Maiau Raihau (Tahiti) 7.25m 2, Daniel Fake (Taranaki) 6.98m 2, Andy Kruy (Manwtu/Wang) and Jesse Bryant (Cant) 6.96m 4 equal.
High jump: Nicholas Gerrard (Akld) 2.02m 1, Cody Thomas (Tasman) 1.98m 2, Sam Vesey (Akld) 1.98m 3.
100m: Kodi Harman (Waik/BoP) 11.42s 1, Dalton Coppins (Akld) 11.50s 2, Blake Gordon (Waik/BoP) 11.73s 3.
3000m: Matt Baxter (Taranaki) 8m 30.68s 1, Mike Lowe (Tasman) 8m 54.35s 2, Michael Sutton (Waik/BoP) 9m 2.39s 3.
3000m walk: Matthew Holcroft (Waik/BoP) 13m 7.51s 1, Jonathan Lord (Cant) 14m 48.30s 2, Phillip Meikle (Cant) 15m 15.48s 3.
Discus throw: Richard Callister (Akld) 50.13m 1, Alex Fafeita (Wgtn) 46.93m 2, Kyle Van der Merwe (Taranaki) 46.87m 3.
Long jump: Jesse Bryant (Cant) 6.95m 1, Jordan Peters (Akld) 6.51m 2, Eroni Sotutu (Sthld) 6.51m 3.
Pole vault: Nicholas Southgate (Akld) 4.61m 1, Pascal Kethers (Akld) 4.46m 2, Jarno Plenter (Cant) 3.16m 3.
100m: Andrea Koenen (Akld) 12.37s 1, Anna Smythe (Otago) 12.52s 2, Rochelle Coster (Akld) 12.67s 3.
5000m: Kellie Palmer (Cant) 16m 32.70s 1, Rachel Kingsford (Otago) 16m 55.39s 2, Rowan Baird (Akld) 17m 1.92s 3.
3000m walk: Roseanne Robinson (Otago) 14m 36.87s 1, Alana Barber (Akld) 15m 53.89s 2, Lesley Cantwell (Sthld) 16m 19.15s 3.
Discus throw: Leesa Lealaisalanoa (Wgtn) 51.53m 1, Ana Pou’hila-Kisina (Tonga) 49.45m 2, Courtnay Fafeita (Wgtn) 38.10m 3, Melissa Seymore (Tasman) 33.65m 4.
Long jump: Sarah Cowley (Akld) 6.08m 1, Portia Bing (Akld) 5.68m 2, Fiona Morrison (Wgtn) 5.60m 3.
100m: Mariah Ririnui (Waik/BoP) 12.81s 1, Zoe Ballantyne (Akld) 12.91s 2, Kelsey Berryman (Cant) 12.93s 3.
5000m: Danielle Trevis (Akld) 16m 27.71s 1, Nicki McFadzien (Cant) 17m 4.56s 2, Mikayla Nielsen (Waik/BoP) 17m 56.08s 3.
3000m walk: Natasha Murrihy (Waik/BoP) 15m 26.73s 1, Lucinda Shaw (Cant) 16m 51.03s 2, Rowena Meikle (Cant) 19m 11.54s 3.
Javelin throw: Davina Hamann (Hill City) 38.49m 1, Tori Peeters (Sthld) 38.32m 2, Rachel Rolleston (Cant) 29.66m 3.
High jump: Elizabeth Lamb (Akld) 1.77m 1, Keeley O’Hagan (Akld) 1.73m 2, Charlotte Muschamp (Sthld) 1.69m 3.
100m: Megan McPhail (Otago) 13.00s 1, Ally French (Waik/BoP) 13.04s 2, Katie Stuart (Chch) 13.07s 3.
3000m: Kara Macdermid (Manwt/Wang) 10m 9.25s 1, Mikayla Nielsen (Waik/BoP) 10m 10.65s 2, Olivia Ritchie (Waik/BoP) 10m 26.62s 3.
3000m walk: Courtney Ruske (Cant) 15m 17.01s 1, Sarah-Amy Drummond (Akld) 18m 22.89s 2, Erin O’Brien (Otago) 18m 28.67s 3.
Javelin throw: Peeters 40.45m 1, Hamann 35.43m 2, Madeline Carruthers (Cant) 33.91m 3.
Long jump: Greer Alsop (Sthld) 5.52m 1, Paige Harwood (Akld) 5.50m 2, Keeley O’Hagan (Akld) 5.40m 3.
Pole vault: Eliza McCartney (Akld) 3.30m 1, Valerie Chan (Wgtn) 2.90m 2, Jessica Boyd (Cant) 2.90m 3.


Athletics: Val sets shot soaring before jetting off
By Murray McKinnon
5:30 AM Sunday Mar 27, 2011

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Jacko Gill set a world age-group record. File photo / Paul Estcourt
Olympic and world shot put champion Valerie Adams finished off her Down Under competitive season with a New Zealand all-comers and resident record of 20.54m at the national championships in Dunedin yesterday.
In perfect conditions in front of a bumper crowd, Adams opened with 20.33m, fell out of the front in the next round, with the record coming in her third attempt. It added 21cm to her record set at the Auckland championships last month. Her national record, set overseas, is 21.07m.
“I came out today to try and break my own resident and all-comers record; I’m really happy with my series, the best series this season, I’m pretty stoked to throw 20.54m today,” said Adams. “Competing in New Zealand is always hard to get out for but, hey man, if I can do it here I can do it anywhere.”
“I’m back to Switzerland [to be with her new coach] this week. It’s been pretty tough on my own, we’ve been doing lots of video analysis, with the videos sent back to my coach and he comes back and we do what we got to do here.”
With the world championships in late August in Korea, Adams said that she is nowhere near peaking.
“I now go back to really do the base work - lots of lifting and throwing, real heavy stuff, heading towards the world champs.”
Meanwhile hot shot putt prospect Jacko Gill knocked off another world age record in the shot put - claiming the world record for 16 and 17-year-olds with the 6kg shot with his performance of 21.34m. That improved on his own 16-years record of 20.76m and bettered the 17-year-olds record of 21.08m set by German David Storl in 2008.
While pleased to get another couple of records, Gill was disappointed he didn’t get out to 22.73m which would also give him the 18- and 19-year-old records.
“I definitely wanted a lot further today, but there are a lot of other opportunities to do it,” said Gill.
“There are a few technique things that are wrong,” he added.
Gill is looking to achieve the standard for selection into the senior shot for the world championships, and even though his age of 16 prevents him from attending, he said that it will be a good base for the London Olympic Games.
“I want to reach the finals at the London Olympics.”
Tom Walsh provided plenty of competition for Gill, coming second with 19.91m.
Meanwhile Nikki Hamblin, double silver medallist at the Delhi Commonwealth Games, comfortably won the first of her double title defences - the 800m in 2m 5.49s. She competes in the 1500m today.
Alex Jordan of Tasman was outstanding in the senior 400m, winning in the third fastest time by a New Zealander of 46.40s.
By Murray McKinnon

Alex Jordan moves up to the senior ranks and takes out the 200m 400m double

Stuart Farquhar, silver medallist at Delhi, collected his eleventh and tenth in a row national javelin throw title. Held in atrocious conditions yesterday Farquhar was still able to hoist the javelin out to a respectable 75.47m.
Double silver medallist at the Delhi Commonwealth Games Nikki Hamblin comfortably won the first of her double title defenses the 800m in 2m 5.49s. In the 1500m Katie Wright and Kellie Palmer tested her right to the finish. Wright led into the final lap and was still holding the pole line heading into the final straight, but Hamblin swung wide and with Palmer chasing hard on the outside was able to hold it to the finish in 4m 29.76s. Palmer was second in 4m 30.06s and Wright third in 4m 30.33s. Hamish Carson retained his senior 1500m title outgunning Hayden McLaren over the final lap.

Alex Jordan of Tasman was outstanding in the senior 400m winning in the fourth fastest time by a New Zealander of 46.40s. He followed up yesterday with an equally impressive victory in the senior 200m in 21.33s.
Julian Oakley, son of Dame Susan Devoy, outkicked Jonathan Jackson to win the M19 1500m in 4m 1.38s. Coached by world championship representative Gareth Hyett Oakley said he stuck to the plan set and proved that he had the speed when it counted over the final 80 metres.
Andrea Koenen of Auckland won the women’s sprint double, adding the 200m yesterday to the 100m won on Friday. James Mortimer seven times New Zealand 110m hurdles champion moved up to the 400m hurdles with success winning in 50.83s, beating arch rival this season Michael Cochrane from Waikato. Louise Jones of Auckland retained her senior women’s 400m title in 54.36s.
Kieron McDonald added the M16 1500m title to the 800m title won earlier.
200m: Alex Jordan (Tasman) 21.33s 1, Tim Jones (Cant) 21.63s 2, Adam Somerville (Akld) 21.85s 3.
1500m: Hamish Carson (Wgtn) 3m 53.59s 1, Hayden McLaren (Cant) 3m 53.78s 2, Malcolm Hicks (Cant) 3m 54.75s 3.
20km road walk: Quentin Rew (Wgtn) 1h 27m 47s 1, Mike Parker (Akld) 1h 45m 31s 2.
400m hurdles: James Mortimer (Akld) 50.83s 1, Michael Cochrane (Waik/BoP) 52.06s 2, Shay Taylor (Akld) 52.31s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Brett Tingay (Cant) 9m 21.10s 1, Daniel Balchin (Otago) 9m 39.16s 2, Lyndon Brown (Otago) 9m 46.31s 3.
Javelin throw: Stuart Farquhar (Waik/BoP) 75.47m 1, Johan Smalberger (Akld) 69.94m 2, Ben Langton-Burnell (Manwtu/Wang) 55.89m 3.
Triple jump: Todd Swanson (Sthld) 14.67m 1, Scott Thomson (Wgtn) 14.28m 2, Matthew Wyatt (Akld) 14.17m 3.
High jump: William Crayford (Akld) 2.01m 1, Gideon Barnard (Sthld) 1.97m 2, Sam Vesey (Akld) 1.92m 3.
4 x 400m relay: Auckland (Shay Taylor, Brent Newdick, Ben Potter, James Mortimer) 3m 17.35s 1, Otago 3m 17.71s 2, Wellington 3m 33.62s 3.
200m: Joshua Hawkins (Akld) 21.64s 1, Mathew Robinson (Sthld) 22.05s 2, Dee Jay Kennedy (Sthld) 22.09s 3.
1500m: Julian Oakley (Waik/BoP) 4m 1.38s 1, Jonathan Jackson (Akld) 4m 1.77s 2, Cameron Graves (Akld) 4m 5.23s 3.
10km road walk: Daniel Lord (Cant) 48m 4s 1, Matthew Holcroft (Waik/BoP) 48m 12s 2, Ben Meikle (Cant) 1h 2m 2s 3.
400m hurdles: Cameron French (Waik/BoP) 53.23s 1, Phil Simms (Waik/BoP) 54.72s 2, Campbell Wu (Akld) 54.99s 3.
Discus throw: Hayden Hall (Cant) 46.87m 1, Adam Miller (Akld) 46.28m 2, Ryan Tinkle (Wgtn) 45.23m 3.
Triple jump: Swanson 14.81m 1, Daniel Fake (Taranaki) 14.72m 2, Thomson 14.58m 3.
4 x 400m relay: Auckland (Campbell Wu, Frazer Wickes, Liam Mitchell, Tama Toki) 3m 25.05s 1, Southland 3m 25.07s 2, Waikato Bay of Plenty 3m 26.75s 3.
200m: Kodi Harman (Waik/BoP) 21.93s 1, Dalton Coppins (Akld) 22.19s 2, Blake Gordon (Waik/BoP) 22.59s 3.
1500m: Kieron McDonald (Wgtn) 3m 54.93s 1, Matt Baxter (Taranaki) 3m 55.89s 2, Ben Moynihan (Akld) 3m 58.00s 3.
300m hurdles: Jack Henry (Cant) 40.91s 1, Guy Greenslade (Cant) 44.24s 2.
2000m steeplechase: Liam Cowley (Akld) 6m 17.43s 1, Mike Lowe (Tasman) 6m 19.30s 2, Matthew Taylor (HawksB/Gisb) 6m 23.81s 3.
Shot put: Alex Fafeita (Wgtn) 15.66m 1, Kyle Van der Merwe (Taranaki) 15.63m 2, Nicholas McGrath (Cant) 15.62m 3.
4 x 400m relay: Manawatu Wanganui (Jack Hurley, William Cowper, William Smart, Tom Symes) 3m 27.02s 1, Waikato Bay of Plenty 3m 20.23s 2, Canterbury 3m 40.00s 3.
200m: Andrea Koenen (Akld) 23.87s 1, Louise Jones (Akld) 24.36s 2, Fiona Hely (Otago) 24.91s 3.
1500m: Nikki Hamblin (Akld) 4m 29.76s 1, Kellie Palmer (Cant) 4m 30.06s 2, Katie Wright (Akld) 4m 30.33s 3.
20km road walk: Roseanne Robinson (Otago) 1h 51m 39s 1, Alana Barber (Akld) 1h 58m 59s 2.
400m hurdles: Tracey Hale (Waik/BoP) 1m 1.46s 1, Veronika Lang (Waik/BoP) 1m 6.89s 2, Gianina Gartmann (NHB) 1m 7.73s 3, Rebecca Lovell (Waik/BoP) 1m 9.48s 4.
Javelin throw: Hannah Blair (Otago) 45.01m 1, Keshia Grant (Waik/BoP) 44.15m 2, Stephanie Wrathall (Akld) 44.00m 3.
Triple jump: Nneka Okpala (Akld) 12.68m 1, Charlotte Muschamp (Sthld) 11.91m 2, Veronique Boyer (Tahiti) 11.43m 3, Harriett Sowman (Wgtn) 11.32m 4.
4 x 400m relay: Auckland (Louise Jones, Nikki Hamblin, Monique Williams, Andrea Koenen) 3m 51.46s 1, Waikato Bay of Plenty 4m 12.77s 2, Hawkes Bay Gisborne 4m 25.90s 3.
200m: Kristie Baillie (Waik/BoP) 25.20s 1, Hazel Bowering-Scott (Tasman) 25.69s 2, Emma Blake (HawksB/Gisb) 25.88s 3.
1500m: Rebekah Greene (Otago) 4m 27.44s 1, Hannah Newbould (Cant) 4m 34.48s 2, Annika Pfitzinger (Akld) 4m 36.20s 3.
400m hurdles: Zoe Ballantyne (Akld) 1m 1.10s 1, Alexandra Skerten (Otago) 1m 3.04s 2, Kelsey Berryman (Cant) 1m 6.59s 3.
10km road walk: Natasha Murrihy (Waik/BoP) 54m 14s 1, Courtney Ruske (Cant) 58m 59s 2, Sarah Meikle (Cant) 1h 7m 7s 3.
Discus throw: Leesa Lealaisalanoa (Wgtn) 46.58m 1, Siositina Hakeai (Akld) 43.59m 2, Merewarihi Vaka (Akld) 42.64m 3.
Triple jump: Greer Alsop (Sthld) 11.54m 1, Jennifer Scott (Akld) 11.53m 2, Melody Stein (Wgtn) 11.49m 3.
Pole vault: Kerry Charlesworth (Akld) 3.85m 1, Lucy McGall (Akld) 3.51m 2, Valerie Chan (Wgtn) 3.21m 3.
4 x 400m relay: Auckland (Alisha Loverich, Anne Simpson, Portia Bing, Katrina Anderson) 3m 58.90s 1, Canterbury 4m 00.80s 2, Otago 4m 12.32s 3.
200m: Katie Stuart (Invernes) 25.28s 1, Megan McPhail (Otago) 25.40s 2, Abby Goldie (Waik/BoP) 25.46s 3.
1500m: Anna Kean (Otago) 4m 39.63s 1, Zara Murrihy (Waik/BoP) 4m 40.51s 2, Ariana Harper (Wgtn) 4m 41.95s 3.
300m hurdles: Mackenzie Keenan (Cant) 44.25s 1, Stephanie Dickins (Manwtu/Wang) 44.34s 2, Ariana Blackwood (Manwtu/Wang) 50.11s 3.
2000m steeplechase: Holly Sprosen (Waik/BoP) 7m 22.12s 1, Kate Jefferd (Manwtu/Wang) 7m 30.41s 2, Astrid Montuclard (Tahiti) 7m 38.38s 3, Monica Burnard (HawksB/Gisb) 7m 44.91s 4.
Hammer throw: Che Kenneally (Aust) 43.42m 1, Ella Pilkington (Akld) 37.23m 2, Elizabeth Jones (Otago) 28.90m 3, Maria Taylor (Wgtn) 27.45m 4.
High jump: Monika Wensing (Germany) 1.73m 1, Keeley O’Hagan (Akld) 1.69m 2, Paige Harwood (Akld) 1.65m 3, Ashleigh Sando (Waik/BoP) 1.65m 4.
4 x 400m relay: Waikato Bay of Plenty (Maggie Unternahrer, Kerry White, Ellie McCleery, Talia Horgan) 3m 59.65s 1, Manawatu Wanganui 4m 4.74s 2, Otago 4m 5.15s 3.