2010 NFL Combine

The first thing Charlie would do is massage. All of these guys are so tight and they are killing their speed with tension and lack of technique.

I agree, esp tight hips. Best look pretty good running his 40.

MJ isn’t really running the total program.

I don’t see the full results. Where are you looking?

Nevermind i just had to scroll down.

How are some of these guys, who are 6’ and over, broad jumping under 10’ and benching 225 for under 20 reps? This has to be a joke. College S&C FTW.

I worked on Dorin the night before his field drills.

  1. Light massage on calves, hamstrings, and quads
  2. Globus Active Recovery on hamstrings and quads
  3. Passive stretching

He said he felt amazing afterwards. I wasn’t able to access him the following morning so we had to rely on what I did the night before. The residual effects were substantial in so far as he woke up feeling good to go. I then met him at the stadium and provided warm up instructions and cues from the front row of bleachers.

You gonna have a NFL job soon, if you keep hanging around that NFL combine. How did your other athletes do?

We only had two players receive combine invites. Dorin and Nate Byham.

I trained Dorin; however, Nate’s agent sent him to a trainer in California at a Velocity I believe. Nate underperformed on his tests.

Nate will train with us back home and retest on his Pro Day.

Buddy and I are also training a handful of players for our Pro Day.

Yes, time to rename that franchise to either “Terminal Velocity” or “Downward Velocity”. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you guys think about John Lott?? His spotting/bar grabbing tech scares me.

Yeah I noticed that too. I couldn’t imagine being in Stephon Johnson’s shoes with him as the spotter.

Not sure what I think about him. I’ve heard nothing but good things about him in the weight room though.

Like what?

Ha! Downward and Terminal Velocity! Thats good! I heard so many collegiate and nfl stength and conditioning coaches say they cant stand the combine prep programs out there. I personally know a few of them but I’ve seen a few bad 1’s who are just out for the money. James, Speedcoach, Charlie, Number 2, and all others please chime in.

I heard his guys he works all get results and his programs work. I personally havent seen them but this comes from former players of his.

I have some old programs from John when he was with U of H and outlines from the Jets.

Jeremy Maclin’s pre combine training was posted here a while ago really sucked… They had him doing all these exotic lifts, resulting in him running a 4.58 or something (he had run a 4.41 and was hoping for a 4.3)…

In fact…his acceleration was a bit strange, and upper body too tight…running this way, I can bet he’d struggle to run under 6"80 over 60…

Trindon has been working with LSU head strength coach for football. So I’m sure he’s doing a shit load of volume and plenty of 110’s.