2010 Manchester streetraces

Manchester Street Race

Analysis By Mark Butler

Powerade Great CityGames Manchester 2010

Gay’s straight faster than Smith … and Bolt

Tyson Gay has replaced Tommie Smith as the man who has run the fastest 200m in a straight line. In the process he clocked the fastest legal 100m of the year, and reached an even greater top speed than did Usain Bolt during his epic 150m on the same track last year. And he did so into a headwind and on a day so cool that he left his woolly hat on until the last seconds before the start!
Once again the extra photo-finish cameras positioned at every 50m along this suspended straight track in Manchester’s City Centre have revealed a fascinating picture.

Last year, Bolt was timed at a startling 4.26 for his second 50m. Despite heading for a greater total distance, Gay managed 4.20 in 2010. Before I too carried away I must point out that Bolt went on to run quicker still in the World Championships 100m final where his closing 60m was clocked at 4.94.

But the fact is that in similar weather, at the same time of the year, and in the same lane on an identical track surface, Gay ran a faster flying 50m and got to 100m in 9.89 compared with Bolt’s 9.91 a year ago. Thereafter the American lost ground, with his 100m to 150m being “only” 8.72 compared with the Jamaican’s 8.70 last year. Gay slowed further to 5.00 for his fourth 50m section, but this was enough for him to trim Smith’s 44 year-old world best of 19.5.

Thoughtfully the organisers also positioned a camera at 220 yards, where Gay was timed in 19.54. But as the IAAF no longer ratify world records on straight tracks, Smith – who was spectating in Manchester – will forever be the official world record holder with 19.5 at both distances.

Andy Turner and Allyson Felix also set electrically-timed world bests in their respective 200m straight races with Felix clocking 10.34 for her middle 100m. Neither of the 150m races were as quick as last year, but the women’s race featured a breakthrough by World Heptathlon Champion Jessica Ennis, who passed 100m in 11.39 compared with her previous best from blocks of 11.68. She held on to win from Shaunna Thompson (18) whose closing 100m was a swift 10.66, while in third place Christine Ohuruogu still ran quicker than at this stage last year and into a headwind.

WB = World Best
WL = World Lead

Men’s 100 Metres (Wind: 1.3)
1, Mark Lewis-Francis GBR 10.21 (5.74/4.47)
2, Richard Kilty GBR 10.46 (5.83/4.63)
3, Paul Hession IRL 10.57 (5.91/4.66)
4, Andrew Robertson GBR 10.64 (5.87/4.77)

150 Metres (-1.1)
1, Shawn Crawford USA 15.30 (50m: 5.79; 100m: 10.35; Flying last 100m: 9.51)
2, Francis Obikwelu POR 15.34 (5.78/10.33/9.56)
3, Rikki Fifton GBR 15.37 (5.85/10.34/9.52)
4, Mike Rodgers USA 15.42 (5.79/10.36/9.63)

200 Metres/220 Yards (-0.4)
1, Tyson Gay USA 19.41WB (Halves: 9.89WL/9.52) 220y: 19.54 (50m: 5.69; 150m: 14.41; 50m-150m: 8.72; Flying last 150m: 13.72)
2, Kim Collins SKN 20.59 (10.24/10.35) 220y: 20.72 (5.76/15.15/9.39/14.83)
3, Paul Hession IRL 20.66 (10.46/10.20) 220y: 20.79 (-/15.29/-/-)
4, Rion Pierre GBR 20.85 (10.34/10.51) 220y: 20.98 (5.81/15.28/9.47/15.04)
Gay’s 50m sections: 5.69/4.20/4.52/5.00)

110 Metres Hurdles (0.8)
1, Andy Turner GBR 13.37 (10m: 1.95; 50m: 7.61; Flying last 100m: 11.42)
2, Terrence Trammell USA 13.39 (1.91/7.61/11.48)
3, Lawrence Clarke GBR 13.74 (2.03/7.77/11.71)
4, Richard Phillips JAM 13.81 (1.97/7.82/11.84)

200 Metres Hurdles (-0.7) – 40 minutes after the 110m Hurdles
1, Andy Turner GBR 22.30WB (11.15/11.15) (50m: 6.14; 150m: 16.51; 50-150m: 10.37; Flying last 150m: 16.16)
2, Bershawn Jackson USA 22.53 (11.43/11.10) (6.16/16.78/10.62/16.37)
3, Felix Sánchez DOM 22.94 (11.72/11.22) (6.43/17.29/10.86/16.51)
4, Ryan Brathwaite BAR 36.45 (11.30/25.15) (6.30/17.00/10.70/30.15)

Womens 100 Metres (-0.8)
1, Laura Turner GBR 11.61 (6.28/5.33)
2, Joice Maduaka GBR 11.77 (6.42/5.35)
3, Ashlee Nelson GBR-J 11.84 (6.36/5.48)
4, Kelly Massey GBR 12.44 (6.82/5.62)

150 Metres (-0.4)
1, Jessica Ennis GBR 16.99 (50m: 6.26; 100m: 11.39 PB; Flying last 100m: 10.73)
2, Shaunna Thompson GBR-J 17.05 (6.39/11.47/10.66)
3, Christine Ohuruogu GBR 17.07 (6.33/11.44/10.74)
4, Victoria Barr GBR 17.74 (6.59/11.90/11.15)
Ennis’s 50m sections (6.26/5.13/5.60)

200 Metres (0.2)
1, Allyson Felix USA 22.55WB (11.31/11.24) (50m: 6.34; 150m: 16.68; 50-150m: 10.34; Flying last 150m: 16.21)
2, Debbie Ferguson McKenzie BAH 22.96 (11.34/11.62) (6.30/16.86/10.56/16.66)
3, Emily Freeman GBR 23.29 (11.62/11.67) (6.43/17.19/10.76/16.86)
4, Lee McConnell GBR 23.75 (11.96/11.79) (6.73/17.60/10.87/17.02)
Felix’s 50m quarters: 6.34/4.97/5.37/5.87

100 Metres Hurdles (-1.2)
1, Danielle Carruthers USA 12.99 (6.93/6.06)
2, Delloreen Ennis JAM 13.09 (6.93/6.16)
3, Nichole Denby USA 13.42 (7.11/6.31)
Sarah Claxton GBR DQ (16.03) (7.31/8.72)

I was again lucky enough to have been part of this meet again. Although the weather held out and didnt rain, it was much colder than last year. Its great to able to help and watch the pros behind the scenes (warm up/drills stretching etc). Learnt lots over this great weekend.

for how long do they measure wind speed in a straight 200m ?
in a classic 200m the wind is measured for 10s after first runner enters home straight

how long was tysons warmup? is it still the same one from college the arkansas one?

10 seconds on the straight? Are you sure? Most straights are less than 90m long meaning that even sub-world class athletes would have finished the race before the wind guage is switched off. If this is the case it is a policy that requires review. I think the 100 only takes the average over 5 seconds.

From what I saw it was in the region of 50 mins indoors. I didnt see what he did outside apart from one flat out 50m run 25mins before the 200m race. Indoors he jogged laps to get warm and did some drills and strides (over 20m for drills and 30-45m strides) I helped assist him with some neural stretches but I didnt see him do any static stuff at all.

http://www.iaaf.org/mm/Document/imported/42192.pdf search(find) for Wind Measurement …and feel free to read all the other stuff too.

"The periods for which the wind velocity shall be measured from the
flash of the Starter’s gun or approved starting apparatus are as follows:
100m 10
100m Hurdles 13
110m Hurdles 13

In the 200m event, the wind velocity shall be measured for a period
of 10 seconds commencing when the first athlete enters the straight."

Wow. That is hilarious. For athletes such as Bolt and Gay, the wind reading is still being conducted for over a second after they have finished in the 200m (over 10% of the total time over which wind readings are taken) and for close to half a second in the 100m. Is it the same in masters events so that wind is only collected for 2/3 of the race? Too funny.