2010 just for fun results

2010 Race Results:

Coming off of a 2 year Rugby stint both seasons ending very early with an injury. The First season 2008-2009 ended with a broken Fibula and partially torn Achilles the second 2009-2010 a broken humerus head and a completely detached labrum which happened in November. I stubbornly tried to rehab it and waited a month or so before giving in to surgery. I am still not 100% and the surgery was early January. I am coaching a small school and decided to stay in shape by running some. Below are my recreational short season marks.


10.62- April hw
10.34- May tw
10.56- May hw
10.25- June
10.44- June hw
10.34- June

200m- 21.06 June

300m- 33. 82 June

One more race to come Late July- running the 100-200-400 just for fun of course!

Just for fun my ass, you are feeling that itch again. :slight_smile:

haha. I consider running like my version of an old men’s soccer league. I take it pretty serious when I am training 4 days a week or when I compete but outside of that specific time I kind of forget about it. It keeps me in shape though and I enjoy it!

Man, tell me your secret and how to recover so quick? What were you PR before these injuries?
I heard it takes 6 wks to recover from the surgery and another 6 to strengthen even before racing/training enters the picture.

Drob, what’s your training like currently?

Lol- No secret to recovering quickly. It was honestly 10 months before my leg felt right again (100%) after being in a boot and braces for most of the time. As far as my shoulder injury I am at month 7 and still can’t do much more than a few push ups. I have great pendulum movement (running) but very little to the side and over head.

I am in the weight room 1 day a week following a short speed and acceleration day. 1 have 1 light tempo 10x100 in the grass… 1 heavy tempo on a grass trail 300+200+100x3 with walk between recovery and 1 either special endurance or max velocity day. Once every 2 weeks I trade one of my Tempo days for a pool session.

Example week would be-

Monday- 3x40m out of blocks hard- full recovery for all… 8-10 minutes or so
1x60m out of blocks
1x80m out of blocks
Speed drills and weights follow workout

Tuesday- 300-200-100x3 grass- 1 mile run and core work after

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- 10x100 Tempo- core work after

Friday- 3x200 in 22-23 second pace- 4 minute recovery

Saturday and Sunday Chill

nice recovery drob judging from your healthy microcycle and times. How did the slight achilles tear occur? Maybe related to turf toe? does it ever become inflamed for a split second here or there during regular daily activity or the sprints?

Hey thanks. It occurred when I fractured my fibula. I don’t think it related to turf toe much though. I still have turf toe. Know where near as bad as previously as it was painful to walk around in a grocery store back in the day. Now it’s just sore during intense speed training session and a day or two after. I don’t lift all that much anymore either so I assume that helps keep the capsule from being as inflamed or irritated. As far as my achilles still aching, yes it does. Nothing a little message and Advil can’t cure though.

Glad to see you back Drob, it’s always great to hear from an athlete who’s been “in the trenches”.

Do you have a good Prolotherapist nearby? It could help with some of those nagging injuries.

Thanks. I am actually looking right now if there are any nearby. My shoulder is still bothering me more than it should and a Prolotherapist could be a good help. You know I’ve never even considered prolotherapy. I will look into it further.

Some doctors claim to be “prolotherapists” but they haven’t had any real training. I went to a Naturopathic doctor a few years back for treatment for my knee. The guy spent the first 30min telling me his credentials. I was thinking, dude, I’m here already, you got me. Lol. He then proceeded to give me ONE measly injection of just lidocaine for a cool $150 thank you very much! Needless to say I never went back to him.

I did find a real doctor in my town that did it (an MD who specialized in physical medicine), and it did help my left knee a lot, but he has since moved away to a bigger city. A good prolotherapist should have had real prolotherapy training from someone, and give at least 10-20 injections. More for a back injury.