2010 Indoor Track Program


light warm up
iced the hammy

30 min BP session

-hammy wasn’t sore today so the cramp must’ve not been too serious, i just iced it to be on the safe side


1 mi jog
light warm up
did some rolling

-i have a meet tomoro but im taking it easy and treating it as a workout, so i took today off more or less
-wouldve dropped the mi jog cept its team tradition to do it before meets
-goals for tomoro -> 55m 6.6h-6.8h (whatever happens happens, i’ll treat it as a light speed day)


warm up
55m dash -> 6.8h
(rubber track, no spikes)

A. Clean 5x2,2,2,1,1@145 lbs
A. Bench 5x6,5,5,4,4@160 lbs
B. Squat 5x4,4,3,3,3@235 lbs
B. Cable Crossovers (lower pec) 3x10,8,8@50 lbs each arm
B. Cable Rows 3x10,8,8@140 lbs
C. Military DB Press 3x10,8,8@30 lbs
C. One leg calf raisers 3x10,8,6@70 lbs
C. DB Shrugs 3x12,10,10@60 lbs
D. Barbell Bicep Curls 3x10,8,6@60 lbs
D. Tricep Ext. 3x10,8,8@110 lbs
D. DB Bicep curls 1x10@25 lbs
E. 300 reps abs/core
(school’s weightroom)

-my dad had me at 6.57h for the 55m, and based off how far ahead i came of second place, i have reason to believe that i ran a btter race than 6.8h
-i tried running purely relaxed for the race, it felt good, top speed felt fantastic


light warm up
“sprinter’s mile” (1500+m of tempo with some bw circuits in between
400 reps abs/core
static stretching

-biceps, inner thighs and upper pecs mega sore


pre-meet day
warm up
2x10m three point starts
1xtop speed flye
icing and stretching and rolling quad

-goal for tomoro -> 37.94 FAT 300m
-felt some numbness in my quad, trainer says to ice it and stretch


light warm up
300m -> 38.23 FAT (yuck)
(150m banked mondo track@ RLTAC)

A. Clean 5x1@145 lbs
A. Lat Pull Downs 3x8@110 lbs,6,4@120 lbs
B. Squat 5x3@ 225 lbs
B. Bicep Curls 3x10@30 lbs
C. Bench Press 5x6,4,4,3,3@160 lbs
D. Shoulder Side Raises 3x10,8,8@18 lbs
D.Barbell Shrugs 3x10@115 lbs,8@120 lbs,8@125 lbs
E. 200 reps abs/core

static stretching

-had extreme naseu both last nite and after the 300m, was in a hot tub for over an hour yesterday, may have thrown off my systems
-pacing is still horrendous in the 300m, i negative split by almost 2 sec in the 150m’s, any tips on pacing a 300?
-most kids see about a 2 sec drop from their flat track time to the banked mondo, which wouldda put me at 37.6x, but i guess you just dont have it everyday :confused:


weigh in -> 136 lbs

-still a little stomach discomfort, but not nearly as bad as Friday night and Sat
-weight probably wouldve been heavier, but the combo of not eating much from naseua, losing water weight from warming up for the race yesterday and being dehyrated from throwing up probbly knocked my weight down at least 1-2 lbs


light warm up
bike for 15 min

30 min BP session

-stomach felt awful today, body felt a bit fatigued
-couldnt handle the running because the bouncing was making my stomach hurt
-since the rest of me feels fine, I’m going to say that whatever ive got is just some minor stomach bug, and the weakness is probably just a result of not being able to eat well for the last couple days… I will try to run easy again tomoro and hopefully will be able to have a light speed day and some weights on wednesday


took today off, did some walking on a treadmill

-naseua is gone, but still can’t eat well :/, muscles feel weak/tired
-will def do upperbody lifting tomoro, will try some submax speed work and if it feels alright, some light weights


warm up
3x30m blocks
1x150m submax
A. Bench 3x2,2,1@175 lbs
A. Pull ups 3x10
B. Cable cross overs (lower pecs) 3x10,8,8@50 lbs
B. Bentover raise 3x10,8,8@15 lbs
C. DB Shrugs 3x8,6,4@65 lbs
C. Tricep Ext. 3x10,8,8@110 lbs
C. Bicep Curl 3x8,6,4@35 lbs
100 reps abs/core

-muscularly i felt very weak today, but i wanted to run somewhat close to full speed so i didnt take a full week off from sprinting all together
-appetite is back! hopefully a good sign for my stomach bug or whatever, hopefully the “weak” feeling will go away with a restoration of my normal meal pattern
-gonna take it real light tomoro and friday, i’d like to run a good time on saturday and get over my sickness ASAP!


light warm up
4 min erg
500 reps abs/core
1 min bike

-ate a full breakfast, small lunch and complete dinner with some snacks in between, appetite is back and muscle “weakness” seems to be gone, both good signs
-legs were strangely sore from the light speed session i did yesterday, hopefully that means my session was pretty effective and as long as theyre fresh for saturday i guess the soreness shouldnt really be much of a concern


warm up
iced knee

-dairy is still not agreeing with me, so my diet is still a bit altered but at least i can eat my fill with other stuff
-will be running 55m trials and finals along with 300m tomoro (goals 55m-6.84 FAT, 300m 38.99 FAT)


(league meet)
warm up
55m dash -> 7.01 FAT, 7.07 FAT
300m -> 39.48 FAT
(150m rubber flat track)

A. DB One arm snatch 5x3 each@50 lbs
A. Bench Press Machine 2x8,6
A. DB Pec Pinches 3x10@25 lbs,8,6@30 lbs
B. Leg Press 5x4,4,3,3,3
B. Lat Pull Down machine (wide grip) 3x8,6,6
B. DB Shoulder Press 3x10,8@35 lbs,6@40 lbs
B. DB Calf Raise 3x10,8,8 each@100 lbs
C. DB Bicep Curls 3x8,6,6@35 lbs
C. DB Shoulder Side Raise 3x8,6,6@20 lbs
D. 100 reps abs/core
(friends apartment complex weightroom)

static stretching

-though i pr’d in the 300, my negative splitting problem was still apparent. i wont run the 300 again til next year, so ill have the whole fall spp to work on it i guess…
-ran real slow today, not sure why, these 55m races were my slowest of the year :/, not sure whether to contribute this to my being sick earlier this week, or whether somethings gone wrong with the program me and my friend did (both our times have gotten slower)
-start was bad in the 7.01, start was good in the 7.07, go figure


weigh in -> 135 lbs

-not much of a surprise that i lost a pound or so because of how little food i could eat earlier in the week plus i sweated a ton at the meet yesterday
-i was thinking about my races yesterday and i think a lot of it might be mental, i think i my be over thinking each race, i just need to go out and try and run as fast i can, nothin more


light warm up
6 build ups to 75% with short walk in between each
5 min erg @ 2:20 avg./500m

30 min BP

-felt pretty fresh during the build ups, i concentrated on hip height and relaxation, which i lacked both on the meet last saturday


shortened pre race warm up
10 min rest
3x30m blocks with blast out before each and full recovery between 30’s
150m submax

A. BP 3x1@185 lbs
A. PC 5x1@150 lbs
B. Cable Crossovers (lower pec) 3x10@50 lbs,8@60 lbs,8@50 lbs
B. Squat 5x3@225 lbs
C. Lat Pull Down (wide grip) 3x8,6,6@130 lbs
C. Front Shoulder Raise 3x8,6,6@25 lbs
C. Calf raise off ledge 3x8,6,6@70 lbs
D. DB Shrug 3x8,6,6@65 lbs
D. Tricep Ext. 3x10,8,8@110 lbs
D. DB Bicep curl 3x8,6,6@30 lbs
E. 300 reps core
(school weight room)

-i tried to do a simulated race day on the running part, just at lower volume (i should run three heats of 55m, and and the 4x200m next meet)
-hip height felt awesome today, good sign because it was crap last meet
-still have issues transfering from block start to upright


4 min ellyptical
500 reps core

-traps, quads and glutes pretty sore from yesterday but no weights til saturday so its not really a worry
-abs actually were a wee bit sore, probably a result of doing baseball swings then core the next day, ill drop core on friday so itll be fresh for staurday


light warm up
1 4x200 practice handoff
6x150m@70% with shortish recovery

500 reps core

-by the fifth or so rep keeping the high hip height was getting more difficult
-core felt surprsingly fresh since i have upped ab work pretty heavily over the last week, ill probably drop abs/core for tomoro so i wont have any soreness for saturday


pre race warm up

-goals for tomorrow -> 55m -> 6.84 FAT, 4x200 -> split 24’s


race day (150m rubber flat track)

55m -> 7.02 FAT, 7.03 FAT yuck
4x200m split -> 25.1 with early and bad handoff

-I wouldve lifted after but the meet let out really late so i didnt have time
-my coach said my start was horrendous at least in the second 55
-i think my volume mightve dropped off by too much, im gonna actually do a semi hard speed and lower weights day on tuesday because im not even hitting the div state time anymore so i better try something new
-plan for the upcoming week is upper body and core monday, lower body and core tuesday, upper body heavy and core wed, core thursday, premeet friday (as far as weights go)