2010 Indoor Track Program


warm up
2x30m two point stance
1x55m easy-fast-easy (fast for 20m or so)
2x40m blocks
1x~110m@85% effort

A. Power clean 5x2 (160,160,175,175,180 lbs)
A. Bench Press 5x6,5,5,4,3@ 160 lbs
B. Lat Pull Downs (wide grip) 3x6,4,3@ 140 lbs
B. Squat 5x5,5,3,3,2@ 255 lbs
B. DB Bicep Curls 3x10,8,6 (25,30,30 lbs)
C. DB Shoulder Press 3x10,8,6@ 35 lbs
C. Band Pull Throughs 2x10,8 (thick black band)
(school weight room)

-all runs were run at max effort while staying relaxed
-I would’ve done one more set of band pull throughs but I forgot :confused:
-my bench press hasnt suffered as much as i thought it had, doing 6 at 160 lbs is about my best!


easy warm up
ladder drills :frowning:
wall runs 2x30sec :confused:

300 reps abs
1x6 Band pull throughs (thick black band)

icing and stretching hip

-my hip was popping during the ladder drills and wall runs, so once i felt swelling my coach told me not to do them anymore. This hip thing is almost a good thing because I feel no pain (or popping for that matter) from it while running, but it exempts me from most ladder drills and wall runs
-normally i would’ve taken the day off today, but my hs team meets every weekday and we had weightroom today, so i just pretty much did what i didnt do yesterday but wanted to do because i had to do something


easy warm up
light tempo session:
(all at 70%)

ice and stretch hip

-hip still felt tight from yesterday, but no pain


(pre meet day)
warm up
2x20m rolling start

5x2 Bench Press@ 145 lbs
5x1 Cleans@ 145 lbs
100 reps abs/core

-I wouldve done starts instead of cleans, but basketball stole the gym…
-goals for meet tomorrow -> 55m-6.6h, 4x200-split 24’s


warm up
55m -> 6.7h
300m -> 39.4h (qualified for Coach’s Invitational)
(150m rubber flat track, fhs)

school dance (whew, harder workout than my meet, haha)

-not sure how accurate the handtimes were today because i came in second in my heat by a couple feet and the winner got the same time as me, i think that me and third place (neck to neck) mightve had our times adjusted slower because first places time was off
-start and top speed felt good, 10m-30m is still my weak point, may be a result of hip height lagging behind running angle
-the 300 was my first in almost two years, i probably shouldve ran the first lap a little faster, i mite be running the 300 a little more often than the 4x2 now
-didnt realize that the 300 required so much core strength, abs were really tired after that race


weigh in (137 lbs)
static stretching

-usually after school dances i lose about 2-3 lbs of water weight, so i probably gained a pound or so from last week
-upper glutes and outer hips mega sore, uggh


light warm up
A. Power Cleans 2x2(160 lbs)
A. Decline Bench (light) 2x8(115 lbs),6(135 lbs)
B. Power Cleans 3x2(170 lbs)
B. DB Incline Bench 3x8(45 lbs),6(50 lbs),4(55 lbs)
C. Back Squat 3x4(230 lbs)
C. Lat Pull Downs (wide grip) 3x8,6,4(110 lbs)
D. Shoulder Side Raises 3x10,8,6(20 lbs)
D. Back Squat 2x4(240 lbs)
E. Reverse Hypers 3x5(70 lbs),3,3(90 lbs)
E. DB Bicep Curls 3x10,8,6 each(27.5 lbs)
F. 300 reps abs/core
(local gym)

shoveling :confused:

ellyptical 2x5xmin

30 min baseball hitting session

-did decline bench and reverse hypers for the first time today
-took 30 sec break between each rep on ellyptical, and a 4 min rest between the sets
-took 3 min rest between exercises that required using the same muscles


(pre meet day)
warm up
1x10m blocks
1x20m three point stance
1x5m top speed fly
light upper body stretching and massage

-left shoulder mega sore from baseball yesterday :confused:
-goals for tomorrow -> 55m-6.6h 300m-39.0h


warm up
55m dash -> 6.8h :confused:
300m -> 39.6h
(150m flat, rubber track)

-mightve over done reaction drills before the 55
-first 10m of 55 felt good, but never got good hip height and stride rate felt slow
-observers point out that in my 300 i run it kind of backwards, my second lap is much faster than my first and i guess there is notciable pick up, i dont purposely do this, but ill try to pace it correctly next time


light warm up
A. Cleans 5x1(145 lbs)
A. Bench 5x8,7(150 lbs),5(155 lbs),3,2(160 lbs)
B. Squats 5x3(225 lbs)
B. Lat Pull Downs (wide grip) 3x10,8,6(140 lbs)
B. DB Shrugs 2x10,8(65 lbs)
C. One leg Calf Raisers 3x10,8,6(70 lbs)
C. DB Bicep curls 3x10,8,6(30 lbs)
C. DB Shrugs 1x6(65 lbs)
D. 300 reps abs/core
(school weight room)

static stretching

-went light on the legs, i feel like i might be over-racing, so ill try to take some workload off em
-got back too late after the meet to stretch yesterday
-the usual 3 min rest between exercises using the same muscles


light warm up
5x30m fly (~85%)
3x150m@ 75%

-i am running Sprint med on sunday, so the 5x30m was me practicing handoffs to the 400m runner


weigh in -> 136 lbs

(pre meet day)
warm up
some light plyos
some light baseball swings

-MSTCA states relays tommorrow, running 200’s in the 4x2 and SMR, goal->split 23.3 or under in both

I found it interesting you combine track and baseball. I’ll probably be doing something similar this next year. I’ll probably be playing baseball games most weekends I don’t have a track meet during track season. Do you train both things at the same time, or when baseball starts you drop track altogether? Because I saw you had some BP during track season.

I wouldn’t think combining both would be a problem, and I think baseball might even help in the core strength department and accel. development (in particular if you play outfield you do short max sprints constantly during a game or practice).

Best of luck in your upcoming meets.

Thanks dude! And during the past two years I have limited my baseball during the winter to cage sessions once or twice a week, but during baseball i pretty much have dropped speed training all together :confused: my coach is more into fitness than improving speed, so he tends to have us run repeats or distance runs (though i wish we had a speed program in place…)
this year, i am hoping to do somewhat of a GPP during summer baseball. and during track season i count the hitting sessions as a core workout.


warm up
SMR (split (200m) -> 23.7)
4x200m (split -> 23.5 :/)
(RLTAC 200m banked, mondo track)

DB Bench Press 5x12,11,10,8,6@50 lbs
DB Shrugs 3x10,10,8@50 lbs
Bicep Curls 3x10,8,6@ 30 lbs
Lat Pull downs 3x10,8,8
Bentover raise 3x10,8,8@ 15 lbs
45* Shoulder raises (thumbs up) 3x10,8,6@ 20 lbs
Leg Press 5x5
One-arm snatches 5x3 each@ 50 lbs
Calf jumps 3x20,15,10@ 50 lbs in each hand
300 reps abs/core
(weight room of near apartment complex)

static stretching

-i took the SMR leg real easy because our top 800 guy sat out, so i already knew we wouldnt put up a spectacular time
-in the 4x2, i got passed by a rival, but when i finished i still didnt feel tired. i think im not pushing hard enough out of the gate
-i feel like i should be able to run faster, but my body wont let me… if that makes sense. i wasnt tired after either 200 and i felt noticiable pick ups in stride rate at about 100m, maybe its some kind of mental thing i need to workout
-some machines i used dint have weights listed, but numbers, so im not sure what say, an 8 translated to (trust me, for the machine i did it wasnt 80 lbs)
-not sure of the order i lifted, but 3 min rest between exercises using the same muscles
-heaviest dumbell in the place was 50 lbs, and there were no cages or barbells, so i had to work with what i had…
-HUGE hamstring cramp right at the end of working out, will ice it tonite


light warm up
iced the hammy

30 min BP session

-hammy wasn’t sore today so the cramp must’ve not been too serious, i just iced it to be on the safe side


1 mi jog
light warm up
did some rolling

-i have a meet tomoro but im taking it easy and treating it as a workout, so i took today off more or less
-wouldve dropped the mi jog cept its team tradition to do it before meets
-goals for tomoro -> 55m 6.6h-6.8h (whatever happens happens, i’ll treat it as a light speed day)


warm up
55m dash -> 6.8h
(rubber track, no spikes)

A. Clean 5x2,2,2,1,1@145 lbs
A. Bench 5x6,5,5,4,4@160 lbs
B. Squat 5x4,4,3,3,3@235 lbs
B. Cable Crossovers (lower pec) 3x10,8,8@50 lbs each arm
B. Cable Rows 3x10,8,8@140 lbs
C. Military DB Press 3x10,8,8@30 lbs
C. One leg calf raisers 3x10,8,6@70 lbs
C. DB Shrugs 3x12,10,10@60 lbs
D. Barbell Bicep Curls 3x10,8,6@60 lbs
D. Tricep Ext. 3x10,8,8@110 lbs
D. DB Bicep curls 1x10@25 lbs
E. 300 reps abs/core
(school’s weightroom)

-my dad had me at 6.57h for the 55m, and based off how far ahead i came of second place, i have reason to believe that i ran a btter race than 6.8h
-i tried running purely relaxed for the race, it felt good, top speed felt fantastic


light warm up
“sprinter’s mile” (1500+m of tempo with some bw circuits in between
400 reps abs/core
static stretching

-biceps, inner thighs and upper pecs mega sore


pre-meet day
warm up
2x10m three point starts
1xtop speed flye
icing and stretching and rolling quad

-goal for tomoro -> 37.94 FAT 300m
-felt some numbness in my quad, trainer says to ice it and stretch