200m WR Video

I have uploaded the 200m wr, it is pretty big (7.6mb) - good quality, and big screen, not a huge amount of time to download (im on dial up as well people!)


If there is sufficient interest i will upload the same race from another angle (kind of slow mo), similar quality as well as the 100m wr and the 400m mens final from 1996.
Also, once if sufficient interest, the 100m semi & final from Edmonton. Few other movies scattered around if wanted…

Great clip, for some reason I get no sound, dunno why, but otherwise great clip.
If you can post those other clips like you said that would be great. Good Job!

Thanks for that Los.
Cool clip…

<waving hands frantically>

get the other clips :smiley:

i have not bothered recording the sound


Different angle, bit of slow mo…

Los - Thanks again - appreciated man.

I love you los :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much for the videos! Excellent videos! :slight_smile:

It’s about time we got MJ in here.