200m training

I have always been much better in the 200m and i believe i can go low 22 high 21. (pr this season is low 23 after a full year off) Im just not sure what training stratgey to go by. any sugestions?

How are you training now? Give us as much detail as possible with the sorts of speed sessions you are doing, your weight training, core training etc. The more info you give us the more we can help. A 200m runner trains pretty much like a 100m runner. How old are you? How many years have you been sprinting?

Yeah more details may help… oops left that out. Im turning 20 soon I have been running since about 10 but competively training since 16. my weight training is as follows.

mon - chest back
tuesday - shoulders arms
wed - legs
thurs - chest back
friday - shoulders arms
saturday - legs

Abbs are done every day.

I just got done my outdoor season (collegate) I will give a sample of my GPP my coach gave me.

Monday - 30 - 45 min run
Tuesday - 35 min run with intense hills
wed - 30- 45 min run
Thursday - Fartlicks or Intervals
Friday - 30 - 45 min run.

This would be a general speed week.

Mon - 200 200 300 300 200 200
tues - Relay hands off and starts… speed makers (100m accels off corners)
wed - 200 200 100 100 100
Thurs - same as tuesday
Friday - very light… warm ups then some starts.

My Pr’s are 11.03 in the 100m and 23.4 for the 200m (with a strained hamstring)

I plan on starting my workouts (running speed GPP etc) in about a month or so because Im trying to get a little more mass on my body im 5-10 aout 155 i want to be around a solid 160 - 165 so im doing light very minimal running right now… 30 min 3-4 times a week. Thanks for the help.

The 30-45 min running looks whacked.

When does the speedweek occur? In GPP or ?

How fast are the sprints and how much rest between?

the speed work was mostly towards the end of my season and the times varried… closer to the end they got faster. the last week i did 300’s in sub 38 200 in 24’s 150 in 16-17 and 100’s in about 12. the GPP is what we did for a few weeks after indoor was over. may I also add i was trying to convert to the 400m… never happened hahaha