200m Predictions

I don’t buy what that article is selling. Shelly-Ann was tightening up cuz she was getting tired and Jeter was closing on her. To think that this will change at all in the 200 is hilarious. I think normally Ross’ 400m strength would be an asset, but she looks very tired and that 22.30 in the semis was very hard for her. I don’t think she has any chance in the 200m and she’s most likely gonna end up 5th behind Jeter. I can also see Ahoure PBing and beating a tired Sanya into 6th.

Not to mention Sanya won the 400m in a very slow (for her) 49.55, way off her SB of 49.28. She’s clearly not at her best right now.

Shelly Ann (200-22.10) vs Sonya Ross (22.09): Advance Further

1: The line has gone from -130 to -150 over the past couple hours - something I don’t like.

200m Predictions:
1: Felix
2: VCB
3: Shelly

I wouldn’t be shocked if Jeter came within the top 3…

Leaning Wager: $5000

So, Sanya went from a -130 favorite to a -150 favorite over Shelly-Ann? If so, then that’s something you should like VERY MUCH! Remember the line is influenced by the trends of the bettors and moves in the line close to competition time are expected. I’m sure the majority of bettors are thinking they just saw Sanya beat Shelly-Ann in the semi’s so surely she can do it again in the finals. This just means you get a better payout by betting on Shelly-Ann.

Wallace is a huge dog on vegas lines - I can’t believe it…

No - Shelly is the fav - the public is pounding Shelly…

Ah, ok! Nevermind then; dislike, dislike, dislike!

I’m still afraid of Sonya 400m strength, if the race is close she will win. With the strength of Felix and Sonya they always have a chance esp against athletes who hate running the 200m.

Doesn’t matter - today the public will win… After seeing the 2 athletes race lastnight - I don’t see Ross beating Sonya today unless she’s eating some good old Jam yams and seeing the voodoo priest…

Easy money.

Nice! It was pretty shocking seeing VCB fade like that, she was obviously toasted too.

I knew Jeter would be strong… I waited until 2mins before the race and got the line at 135…

Men’s 200m

First 2 yes - I’ll wait until I see the vegas lines…

After doing quick research I like your 1-3. Chris short distance speed (60-100m) is better and his 200m sb/pr are better/current. The only bad thing is - the races are not won on paper. I think Wallace exp will help him edge the young buck for bronze…

I am not sure whether to bank on Lemaitre or Spearmon. Wasn’t that impressed with the first 120 of Lemaitre (and he looked annoyed when he finished), but on the reverse side his last 80 look okay, so if he improves even coming off the bend he could take 3rd.

They both ran similar times in the rounds - I think Lemaitre short distance speed may be the difference…

Bolt 20.18 at 60%… LOL

This is what we got:
Bolt to win gold: -475/I may pay the juice.
Lemaitre vs weir/-120
Spearmon to 3rd +185

Lemaitre to 3rd +250
Martina +255

I think number 2 is the best value on the board - follow by number 3…