200m Predictions


Right now, there are 4 people who could win bronze; Spearmon, Martina, LeMaitre and Warren Weir. I wasn’t impressed with Spearmon, Martina or LeMaitre in qualifying. All 3 went out too slow and then had to slam on the gas to make sure they qualified, so right now I’m leaning towards Weir for bronze, but I’ll wait till after the semis to make any concrete predictions.

I’m waiting till the day of finals to make my cash…

Give me your top 3:

2 1791 Myriam Soumaré FRA 22.56 22.32
3 3058 Semoy Hackett TRI 22.55 22.55
4 2197 Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce JAM 22.10 22.10
5 2194 Veronica Campbell-Brown JAM 22.32 21.74
6 3313 Sanya Richards-Ross USA 22.09 22.09
7 3287 Allyson Felix USA 21.69 21.69
8 1402 Murielle Ahoure CIV 22.42 22.42
9 3299 Carmelita Jeter USA 22.11 22.11

felix, then my baby shelly, vcb.
I think if shelly cares to run she can run felix to the line. I predict 21.5-.3

No ross…

  1. Bolt - 19.25
  2. Blake - 19.51
  3. Martina - 19.80

Pick a winner:
vcb vs jeter
vcb vs shelly
shelly vs ross

Nope, she gonna get the biz. U saw all the work she had to put in to catch Shelly in the semi. Well on second thought Ross and VCB will battle for 3rd

1: I don’t think it’s going to be that easy - Vegas lines don’t lie.

2: Yes, Felix is the clear winner but the 2nd and 3rd spots are wide open. Don’t forget about Jeter…

3: Shelly hates running the 200.

4: Vegas has Felix/VCB 1-2…

Vcb vs Jeter: 22.32 vs 22.11
Vcb vs Shelly: 22.32 vs 22.10
Shelly vs Ross: 22.10 vs 22.09

1: Vcb vs Jeter = Toss up

2: Vcb vs Shelly = Toss up and trying not to go against VCB

3: Gonna roll with Charlie advice he gave in the dvd - comparing 400m runners vs 100m runners

4: I think the rounds finally catches up to Ross - esp the effort she gave lastnight

5: Ross has worked harder in the rounds - 22.48/22.30 vs 22.71/22.34 - not counting the 400m rds - those muscles will be tight

6: Vegas line fav Ross because she won lastnight - Shelly took her foot off the gas the final 10m+

Yeah, the women’s 200m is pretty tough to call. Felix is easily going to win, but after that it’s so close. VCB looked like she ran pretty hard for that 22.32 and Sanya ran really hard for that 22.30. I don’t think Sanya is going to medal in this race, but I can’t go against VCB when she’s running well and she did drop a 10.81 in the 100m. I think VCB is gonna grab the silver and Shelly will hold on for bronze, barely.

  1. Felix
  2. VCB
  3. Shelly-Ann

Looks good to me - that’s why I’m leaning towards prop number 3 shelly vs ross instead of shelly vs vcb…

Yeah, i think Sanya is spent and she’s likely going to finish in 5th or even 6th.


Do you think Ross 400m strength will help at all?

Wow - the Shelly vs Ross line has gone from -130 to -150 in the past couple hours…

I don’t buy what that article is selling. Shelly-Ann was tightening up cuz she was getting tired and Jeter was closing on her. To think that this will change at all in the 200 is hilarious. I think normally Ross’ 400m strength would be an asset, but she looks very tired and that 22.30 in the semis was very hard for her. I don’t think she has any chance in the 200m and she’s most likely gonna end up 5th behind Jeter. I can also see Ahoure PBing and beating a tired Sanya into 6th.

Not to mention Sanya won the 400m in a very slow (for her) 49.55, way off her SB of 49.28. She’s clearly not at her best right now.

Shelly Ann (200-22.10) vs Sonya Ross (22.09): Advance Further

1: The line has gone from -130 to -150 over the past couple hours - something I don’t like.

200m Predictions:
1: Felix
2: VCB
3: Shelly

I wouldn’t be shocked if Jeter came within the top 3…

Leaning Wager: $5000