200m for heptathletes

Hi Forum members,

I have been kicking some ideas around for 200m training for Heptathletes. My thought was to go from long shallow 5-10 degree hills or light sleds to 100m to intensive tempo to Charlies Spec. Endurance 1 chart from the Vancouver DVD. Some of the stuff might not look ideal but time and politics are a factor :slight_smile:

I wanted my Special Endurance Day to be every Wednesday from GPP all the way to Indoor Comp:

GPP (Starting in October) hurdles drills before hills (no blocks used)/sled
Wk1 8x60M Hills
Wk2 7x80M Hills
Wk3 6x100M Hills
Wk4 5x120 Hills
Wk5 4x150 Hills
Wk6 2x2x150M Track int. (split run)
Wk7 3x300M Track int. tempo
Wk8 2x300M Track int. tempo (maybe let them open the throttle a little)

SPP (Starting December)
Wk1 Spec. End 1 for 12 weeks (Along with runs over 5 low hurdles and block hurdle starts BEFORE the Spec. E runs)…

I know weeks 6/7/8 are not that smooth of a transition but this is a US college schedule and time is limited. I have not implemented this yet so critique is welcome :slight_smile: