2009-2010 Track Season

Varies, sometimes in the katy area, aldine hs, and at westfield hs.

Fri: 440
Warmup W
zino x3
Texas 2x30
2x40 3pt-grass (the last 40 was in the 4.3 range)
60-80 (grass) Cancel 6/8min
100-120 (track) Cancel 10min
400 jog
(Couldn’t get into the gym)
pc/dj x3 3x3
sq/rocket jump x3 3x3x75% of 3rm
rdl/1 leg bj x8 2x5
decline situps 4x25

The plan was to do the above workout but I was only able to do the first two 40’s because my hammy became really tight so I decided to cancel the reminding sprints, also the weather was low 40’s which didn’t help. I think my first workout back home with the cold weather and strong tailwind made my hamstring really tender for the reminding training sessions, over the past three-four days I have been applying ice and resting. I arrived home lastnight around 1am and perfromed a short 30min ems session.

Week 1 of Comp:
Mon: Rest/Travel/ems

Tue: TB Massage 60mins+ems (800)
Warmup A
mb circuit 2x
ab circuit x20
planks 2x30sec

Mb circuit: x25
chest pass
side toss r/l
overhead toss
underhand toss

Very good session, I felt a little stiff all over today but things should get better as I get back to work this week. I feel a little depress today which is normal when I go back home to visit family and then have to leave. If things don’t go through with the coaching job I’m gonna move back home so I can be closer to family. The plan is to still race on Saturday but I will drop the 200 to allow more recovery for the hamstring. I have a speed session on Wed and another easy tempo session on Thur.

Where are you going to compete?

Feel better dude!

It feels good now, I did all the 100’s in 15sec this morning which is normal for me but the true test will come Wednesday with the speed session. If I feel any tightness etc I will not run at all on Saturday…

The massage session went well and I will ice and use a flushing ems two more times today.

*After Friday session I didn’t have any soreness or decrease ROM.

Wed: (Ems+Ice) 250
Warmup C
2x20 3pt
3x70 Roll In
hh 3x5
gino x3
pc 3x2x70%, 3x2x75%
bp+pullups 5x4+5x6

I passed the first test, the runs felt pretty fast considering I got therapy yesterday and my muscle tone was low. I will continue to monitor the hamstring up until prelims on Saturday and if it doesn’t feel good at any point I will drop out. Thursday will be a very easy tempo session, Friday rest, and race/lift on Saturday.

How much of a roll in are giving yourself for those 70’s?

Couple meters (2-3).

That’s what I thought. Just curious.

Should it be longer?

No, I would think no longer than 5m. I know you know that.

Thur: ems 600
Warmup Z
6x100 14-15sec
mb core x75

How’s your hammy feeling? Do you think you’ll be good to go this coming weekend

How’s your hammy feeling? Do you think you’ll be good to go this coming weekend?

I told my friend last night “game time decision”. The hammy felt good today, I tried to take it easy on the turns. Gonna ems twice and ice three times day.

good idea. hopefully you can race. you never know because meet conditions and such are so much different than workouts.

The past couple weeks my body has been so dry, similar to last year when I injured my hamstring. Even if I run I don’t know what to expect from a result stand point.

I lefted right after prelims so I am still waiting for results to be posted.

Did you still run. How was the hammy