2008 florida 3a 4x100M (one of the greatest comebacks)


The anchor on this relay is jeff demps. He has run 10.19 this year. Watch what he does on his anchor leg. The runner in first place when demps gets the stick is a 10.4,21.0 runner himself.

try watching an obea moore 4x4 leg before you call that great.

is he even gonna run track for UF?

Yea he running. I hope he dont end up like moore.

well he got into college… obea didn’t really pull that one off with flying colors.

lol… Thats tru

not to split hairs but Demps ran 10.17 earlier this year.

worthless without vid :wink:

INFUKINSANE!!! IF only this was good quality.

yea that was outrageous