2007 NFL Scouting Combine Coverage.

So far its just the K, OL, and TE today. The OL Workouts were pretty good. So far, there has been several run under Sub 5.00. And a few guys have gotten 40 Bench Reps.

Cant wait tomorrow to see the RB’s, QB’s, WR’s workout. I was surprised to see Brady Quinn put up 24 reps, that is more than Jay Cutler last year. Brian Leonard had the most reps for a RB with 28.

Bump, Why isnt anybody out there posting? To me the NFL Scouting Combine is the best preparation of a new football season.

I thought it was interesting how the TE group, the 2-3 fastest guys looked like they could run, nice stride, knee lift, decent hip height…the other guys ran stiff with no knee lift, much less hip lift and looked more like they had a refrigerator on their back. The starts of the fast guys were more explosive than the slower guys, no surprise there, but was disappointed in their performance. WR/RB/DB days are the best, why they are last.

WRs and RBs run today (Sunday), DBs run on Tuesday.

It’s hard to compare the rest of the tight ends to guys like Vernon Davis and Greg Olson. Those guys are the exception, not the rule. I don’t know what Olson was like athletically coming out of high school, but I will guess pretty good if he got recruited by Miami. Vernon Davis was 230# in high school and ran a 10.7 100m. He put on around 20 pounds on an already freakish body.

Not many guys like that come around every year. The TE average 40 time each year is around 4.8, or more. This year (unofficially) only 1 guy under 4.70, last year only 6 out of 21 that ran went under 4.70, 2 years ago, no TE at the combine ran under 4.70, 3 years ago only 2 did.

A lot of these other guys, although good athletes coming out of high school, were not as gifted as a guy like Vernon Davis, and may have been asked to put on much more weight over the course of their careers-maybe as much as 40-50 pounds. The TEs that are already bigger (250-260#) coming out of high school a lot of times end up as offensive lineman and run good times at that position.

There aren’t many guys who pick their head up when they become fully erect. Lot of guys are running too stiff, but still get 4.5’s.

I was impressed with Brian Leonard, the only white tailback ran in the 4.4’s unofficially. Havent seen a white tailback that good since Travis Jervey.