2007 NBA Pre-Draft Combine Results


Height, weight, wingspan, vertical reach, bodyfat, no-step VJ, VJ w/ a runup, 185 bench press reps, etc.

The database is sortable and you can also check out results from past pre-draft camps.

Jared Jordan has a 14" vert w/no running start and double that with a running start. That’s wild. What could one tell just from those stats about his strength/ reactive/explosive?

the mopst stupid thing I’ve never seen!!they measur eheight with shoes and without…they wait for them to be different with 1" 5 inch shoe??in fact…some use 2" shoe…I have great ability but just 5"9…I can try 1 foot shoes…

Jared Jordan must have not known what he was doing, f’kt up real badly or it is a typo.
How long is the approach on the approach jumps?

It’s def not a typo as it’s been discussed often, with a lot people using it as an argument that no matter how high you jump or how much you squat, there are more important attributes in basketball like first step quickness and agility. on top of all that, you still need to be able to play the game, which jordan does quite well.

Now juding by his jumping stats, does that mean his explosive strength is severely lacking but his reactive strength is signiificantly better? And what would you do to fix this, or is it not even necessary to do so because it doesn’t rerally hold him back now?

Regardless I’m not believing that is legit number. Out of my 100’s of collegiate athletes 14 inches is almost unheard of. I am almost willing to bet although I would have to go back and look at my data, even the overweight females I coach can jump that. I believe the 28 with the approach but something must have went terribly wrong with the standing jump so it is pointless to make assumptions based on this data.

None of the guys were drafted?