2006 Ideas

Hi all

Hope your holidays have been great, with 2006 right around the corner I’d like to get some ideas for website improvements. Please leave your thoughts here.



rupert charlie and team happy new year and a properous 2006.

i would love to see drills.the A+B’s posted in a clip.there are so many poeple still asking what they are(yes i know they are on the dvd’s but it could be easily solved to a link on the site)

I agree. A set of good videos showing the drills and explaining technical pointers is a very good idea.

Clips and materials will be embedded in our new ezine coming at the end of February.

I’d like moderators to contribute, I dont ask for alot and I need your help to make this project work.

Any and all thoughts are appreciated…


any info on the ezine rupert.is it free? subscription? could we also set-up some more competitions …i have a portable ems machine(as outlined in the cfts) and bought in the exact co in ireland which i can put up for comp winner.

what about using skype more onn the site or on-line seminars etc


The mag will be subscription based and I’ve got the framework coming along with the editorial schedule.

It will be quarterly and will retail for $39.99 for the year.

First issue is coming Feb 14th-15th.

Charlie and I are ready to roll out the SkypeConferance but will most likely wait until we get a few bigger projects off the table.


If you have an editorial calandar, I’d be happy to see if there were any areas that I could contribute articles / info as appropriate and time allows.

I’d also be happy to contirbute on the editing and proofing.

The editorial schedule is almost ready. In the next few days I hope to be finalizing things with Charlie.

If you have content ideas, get them in.



Training Equipment Reviews

Just an idea for a new thread heading on the cf.com index.