2005 USATF - 100m


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1 Justin Gatlin Nike 10.08 -2.3
2 Shawn Crawford Nike 10.17 -2.3
3 Leonard Scott Nike 10.18 -2.3
4 Walter Dix Florida State 10.29 -2.3
5 Mark Jelks Nike 10.32 -2.3
6 Monzavous Edwards Nike 10.35 -2.3
7 Marcelle Scales Nike 10.36 -2.3
8 DaBryan Blanton Nike 10.46 -2.3
– Maurice Greene adidas DNF

Maurice…i´m not sure if he steps in false before pulls a ham or the opposite.
looks like a early “end of season”.

Wassup man. I’m new to the site and was trying to see that race but I can’t get anything but throwing events. Am I missing something?

Yeah 10.42, you missed everything…but don´t worry, try this one, maybe you´re a luck guy :wink:


Not there i’m afraid. Is there any other sites that have that race on it???

Last chance :cool:


It not on that macrothrow server any more. Flying, thanks any way though.

Ok if you realy need this i can send you by e-mail ok.

marcus@abcdllc.com. Thanks again flying!!

Sorry Marcus,
i´ll try to send this 4 you tonight ok.

Das cool. Thanks again.

If you could e-mail it to me as well, thanks!