2005 Moderators : Important

New Moderators are coming up for 2005.

To ensure your status here at the website stays with you in 2005, please post here in this thread to let us know you’re alive and kicking.

Please bring some ideas to the table in regards to what you’d like to see in 2005.

Things we have on the go…

  1. Website Redesign: Tighter design, which will far better integrate our assets across the board. I really want to take a run at our friends at “oTher” websites.

  2. New threads/Areas of discussion: Lets get some ideas on the table on how we can improve at the forum.

  3. Article Manager: This is complete and i’m currently in the process of getting articles for it.

Thats it for now, please post as i’m changing things up in 7 days.


I am alive and kicking


Staying strong

Hi Guys

As you can see, i’ve had my hands full. David, Herb, Brad glad to hear from you both.

Derek is still online also but has been busy, i heard from him.

I’d like to ask that we use MSN messenger to stay in touch, my contact address for MSN is “rupert7@hotmail.com”. Here i can help any moderators, i’d prefer to speak with each of you on a regular basis to keep all updated and on the same page.


David, Brad, Herb, Derek, Charlie…

David W. I have some from you that i am going to repost in a different way (at the forum). I trust this is acceptable.

Thank you and please advise asap.


Still here as well. My MSN IM address is ddavis@xilinx.com

Been busy working on 2 new manuals with Carey, Herb and Tom. We should have them ready shortly.


Hello my existant team of helpers…

If you all care to post your addresses we will be sending you all copies of the new manual coming out.

Reminder: You all had a chance to contribute to this and it is SHOCKING that very few of us helped out.


Sorry Rupert, yesterday was just really busy with work and the kids activites in the evening. Please keep me in mind for contributions in the future (more than 8 hours notice would be appreciated as well :wink:

Do you want email or postal addresses?