2003 Prefontaine Men's 100 Start

Thought this was quite interesting footage.

Dwain seems to be carrying an injury.

compare the foot contacts between DC and AB.from the first step AB is landing flat-footed,appears that the heel is making alot of contact also.on the other hand look at DC,he is landing square and on the balls of his feet.AB isn’t landing in front of the COG(appears though!) but he is landing and pushing off while exposing alot of the inside leg.i haven’t really seen this alot but this will put extra pressure on the adductors.the leg is coming up and in rather than DC’s straight throught

What about A. Bolden FC’s (Foot Contact)? To me they appear to be ahead of his CofG. Is this the race he pulled up in?


I thought that was one of his best starts in years. He look smooth and generating a lot of power after the gun.

Kenny Mac~~

I do believe you’re right dcw. DC was supposed to be running for GB this weekend in the european cup-but subsequently pulled out with an ankle injury

Thanks for the input guys.