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thor ur the best, but apparently this one doesnt work

it works… just left click on the link and then look at the bottom of the page.

and since I am posting I should also say, thanks for all the vids!!

Crawford looking really strong and in control

Thanks again Thor. On the 100m h race, can everybody see the “wind-up”? You must never try to be powerful. If you ARE powerful, all you need to do is be quick with the hands and the rest takes care of itself.

Is the opposite true then? Meaning, if you feel you’re NOT very powerful, is winding up more acceptable?

Charlie,I am in shock and disbelief at the state of British sprinting. As an up and coming British sprinter I feel that we as a nation are way of course with regards to quality athletes coming up through the ranks. Year in, year out the usual suspects are chosen to represent GB. If the truth be known these cats ain’t hungry no more.They’ve lost their desire and heart to be the best. I mentioned in a post a while ago about the loss of Big Dwain and how the void was there to be filled. Well infact its now quite ironic that with his departure NO-ONE has the balls to step up their game and dominate. Its kind of like a sheep with no sheppard scenario. When Dwain was here, he was mixing it with the likes of Maurice,Tim,Crawford etc and at times putting them to bed. This spurred on the likes of Lewis-Francis and Campbell and made them realise that these guys are not invincible. Now there is no Chambers therefore there is no one to show how it should be done.

Watching the 200m SF last night and then hearing Michael Johnson’s comments (I’ll try and get a transcript of what he said as it was only on BBC TV). But in a nutshell he was deeply disappointed with Darren Campbell’s performance and made reference to Darren being ‘confused’ in this interview as he made serveral contradictions in this Post race interview with Sally Gunnell…He said that “he’d torn his hamstring” but was in the “best shape of his life” ??? To those who know (99.9% of this forum) when u tear a hamstring you can’t run! Full stop! No if’s,but’s or maybe’s. I had a mild strain and struggled badly…I took 7 weeks out thankfully I’m back now and I’m clocking some nice times in training…I’m nowhere near world class yet nor am I receiving the heighest level of physio.Michael Johnson commented on “how he felt some what insulted as a fan of Darren’s and as a spectator of the sport…” He made reference to the fact that Darren cluctched his hamstring after the 1/4 final run and limped off the track. This gave the impression that he was seriously injured!

I’m all up for investment at grass root level but one area that is neglected here is funding for sprinters in a over 24 years old bracket. I fall into that category. I have been told that I have an immense amount of talent…but due to my age am not eligable for any kind of grant or funding. So I am working a full time job (40+ hours a week) and training 5 days a week. Its not easy, but my heart and determination are strong… My ambition is to be an Olympian and trust me I will do all that I can to do it and represent myself and my country to the fullest!! I’m part of the new hungry breed of UK sprinters!!!

Good post Jason,

I agree with alot of what you said, looking over at you guys across the water.

The Dwain thing is a very valid point - seeing him was an obvoius boost to the other guys also.

But you said it … cats’ ain’t hungry.

I posted something similar on the ‘Rick Say - One mad Canadian’ thread …

Maybe these guys don’t need it as much as they should?

Seemingly Darren is ok to run for the netx day, well according to reports at least and the injury isn’t as good as first thought.

You can only guess how bad it really was !?!

As regardless Johnosn - I listen to the guy, but some of his comments are a little barbed.
That comment about DC is of no help to him - if you really wnat to say that say it to his face - or at least after the Olympics.

BBC Website:

Angry Campbell hits back

British sprinter Darren Campbell has hit back at fierce criticism from BBC pundit Michael Johnson, after he failed to make the 100m and 200 finals.
Olympic legend Johnson cast doubt on Campbell’s claims to have torn his hamstring during pre-Olympic training.

“It’s disgraceful to be ridiculed like that,” said Campbell, who suggested he could still run in the 4x100m relay.

“I tore my hamstring. If they want to see the scans they can, I don’t lie and I don’t quit.”

Campbell, who took silver in the 200m at Sydney in 2000, added: “I don’t know how to give up.”

The 30-year-old was eliminated from the 100m in the heats and crashed out of the 200m in the semis after coming through two rounds.

“I spoke to my girlfriend after the first round of the 200m in tears, and she told me to come home,” he said.

"But I thought I’d try the second round, and I made it through to the semis.

“I had treatment for four hours just to get me on the track and it is only thanks to the medical team that I was out there.”

Johnson, who won five Olympic gold medals in a glittering career in athletics, pulled no punches in his assessment of Campbell’s performance.

“I’m confused,” the American, who won gold medals at 200m and 400m, told Olympic Grandstand.

"Darren said he’d pulled his hamstring, then said he’s in the best shape of my life.

"Then when he was asked about the relay he said ‘It doesn’t feel too bad now’ and then he said I’m hurt.

"Darren is upset that people are questioning what’s going on with him.

"No-one’s ever questioned that he’s a great athlete - he’s a championship performer but obviously he’s not in shape right now.

"So why not just say that? Everyone will respect that.

"But when you pull a hamstring, you’re out for six weeks - you can’t run.

"After the second round, I felt bad for Darren coming off the track, wincing. But then he said ‘I’m going to run the semi-final.’

"I felt like I’d been taken advantage of, as a viewer and as a supporter of Darren.

“That bothers me because I think he’s better than that.”

Campbell’s team-mate Christian Malcolm also missed out on the 200m final after suffering the effects of a kidney problem, while Chris Lambert pulled out of his first-round 200m heat with injury.

And with the failure of Campbell, Jason Gardner and Mark Lewis-Francis to qualify for the 100m final, 2004 was the first Olympics without any British representation in the men’s sprint finals since 1976.

So is the question …

> Did he ‘pull’ a h/s or not?


> Is it any of MJ’s business?

Either way I’d love to have his medical team!

Michael Johnson had no business second-guessing the facts- and Campbell should be careful what he is saying, especially about his medical support team. Yes, he may have had less than he might have had in that area, but his injury is likely the result of his training plan (maybe in combination with the weather). Now he must give a clear indication of his status for the relay.

Seven Weeks is a long time out for an injury! This is where having the financial resources comes n handy. Linford and his crew used to go to Germany for therapy with Muller Wolfhardt and had fantastic results- but it was expensive!
Your point about the age cut-off is very valid- it is much too early to write people off! My understanding was that a great deal of funding was to go to British athletes after Sydney- Where did it go?
In light of the problems and injuries, I’d think the place to start would be a full coaching symposium, with case studies and a review of facility and training camp requirements, annual planning, and meet selection.

NO! If you’re not powerful you will be behind those who are at the start. If you wind up, you will be farther behind!

Some of the top British athletes still use him - but yes very expensive

Tell me about it! My own fault really Charlie as I didn’t allow myself the proper time to heal when the injury first flared up…I carried on training and competing while loading up on pain killers to mask up the real problem…Got to the point where i couldn’t run without doing a over the top warm up! Decided to rest and after 4 weeks felt alot better but as you Charlie will know…the mind has a strange way of telling you not to push the body ‘incase’ you get injured again…so i chilled out for a further 3 weeks ‘as a precaution’. Unfortunately I don’t have Muller Money!! So chilling was the only option!

The story continues …

“Are you saying that I’m lying?” Campbell said.

“Yes,” Johnson said, and walked off.