200 meter round 2 videos.

Save them to be able to view everything. There was some interference at the end of race three and I missed the start of race four.





Thanks for these Thor

that 19.9 was incredible! slowing down 20 meters before the line.
I saw he goes 19.65-19.72 in finals.

I would have agreed with you a week ago QUIK, but if I have learned one thing from these Olympic Games it’s that quarterfinals mean nothing. Also keep in mind that Crawford ran a 19.88 easing up in the first round of the Olympic Trials, but couldn’t go faster in the finals. This also brings to mind Mike Marsh’s extremely relaxed 19.7 in the semi’s of Barcelona (?) then not breaking 20 in the final.

Q1: 2 things, Frank Fredericks will be giving all of his life;
Powell…that´s exactly what he did in 100m…so, 9.89x2=19.78s

Q2: Huuummm that white guy forces Bernard more than he was expecting…
Let´s see how much energy is in Bernard

Q3: I don´t know what´s happened at the end…!!!

Q4: It´s me or Obikwelu seems run fastseated ?

Exactly, I think we all learned that lesson now. Sure Crawford ran one of the most impressive 19.9’s ever in that quarter, but he’ll pay for wasting that much energy in those all out 160m. Won’t run faster then high 19.8 in the final, despite the fact that he’s in form for low 19.7 at least.

Crawford is too tight in the finals. He runs faster in early rounds cause basically theres no pressure that he’ll move on. I noticed that in the 100 finals.