200 Men Fianl video-clip.

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Frank Fredericks is the man! I hope I’m in that shape when I’m 36!

What happened to Asafa?

Thanks again THOR, you are da man for sure! :smiley:

Awesome!!! Now I don’t have to wait until at least 11 until the idiots at NBC show it here. I can’t stand them…

Beautiful corner running by Crawford!!!

Beautiful is your avatar Herb,
Wanderley Silva
a man during the day
a beast while in risk

Sure was a great turn by Shawn, just wondering to myself, what if he did NOT run that 9.89 in the quarter final, and ran a bit more conservative, would he have been a double gold medal winner? :eek:

Specifically in Crawford case, i guess that 9.89s was more positive to his 200m results than negative.
He get´s “speed” from that race, in all senses of the word.

Thanks Thor! I almost got went into a TV smashing frenzy when the guys here didn’t transmit the final because they were babbling in the midtime of the stupid basketball game. Very nice 200 by Crawford, one of the few well executed game plans for a 200 I’ve seen. The difference of him getting serious during the semi was clear, and he reaped the benefits (did you see how his face and intensity changed compared to the clowning around in the 100?). I guess in the 100 he simply had selfdoubts about being able to win and hence needed to clown around, but here he was absolutely confident. And why the hell did Gatlin give up the silver medal at the end? He should be executed for that, giving up silver just because it isn’t enough for him now that he won gold, that’s crap in my opinion. My image of him had risen a lot and now has plunged because of that stupid attitude.

When the mens 400mh started my tv blipped off and my family screamed but it came back on in about 40 meters time. Sux how James couldn’t pull out that Win though.

any news on Asafa?

T-Bone, I know the girls in your avatar!

What a great race. A lot of great American sprinters have come up. Maurice Greene isn’t done yet, though. A 9.87 was exactly what he ran four years ago. But did you notice how tight he looked in the face and neck? He looked as if he was straining to finish. I remember in 2000 he looked exactly the same way, though it didn’t matter then.

I must say that the attitudes of these specific 3 americans and Mo Greene have been exceptional this Olympics. They all seem to be satisfied with their performances. Justin seemed to be happy despite not getting Gold or Silver in the 200m (he ran a PB I think). Just thought I would mention this. :slight_smile:

Happiness was so evident…
I believe they “closed” a deal:
Who wanna be 100m Champion ?
Gatlin: me
and who wanna be 200m Champion ?
Crawford: me

then, the statistics numbers,
then analysed probabilities of each one in each event,
finally they decided who will get 100m gold and 200m gold.







For real!..well damn hook a brotha up!
How do you know them, besides being from Argentina?

They’re a bit old for me … but Maggie Aicega (the one at the left) is everyone’s (and mine too!) favorite here … one hot hot woman.

The hockey field is right next to the track at the high performance center here in Buenos Aires, so when the team is together we always see them … they were even going to run a 4x400 about a month before Athens for their training but then there was crappy weather that day and it got called off.

thor, you are the greatest of the year and if you have the 100m mens heat to the final videos then you will be the greatest of the century.