2 year long lateral hip pain

Hi there !
I am posting this message in desperation :slight_smile:
It’s been two years that I have had severe lateral hip pain. If you sit down with sweatpants and put your finger in the pocket juts on the top lateral tendons of the hip it is where it’s at.

Ultrasound and Xray show nothing wrong… And my healthcare don’t want to give me an MRI.

Massage helps it for a few hours but then the feeling is tightness and pinching again. Sometimes more tighness than pinching, sometimes more pinching than tightness.

It hurts MOST to sit for more than a few minutes… Conventional deadlifts are close to impossible and same for Goodmornings. It pinches too much or gets an annoying tightness feeling.
Deep tissue self massage works for a bit and it comes back a few hours later. Even when done frequently.
Professional deep tissue massage, over 10 sessions showed no improvement…

Anyone has experience with that ?

tanks :slight_smile:

I can upload the Xrays and Ultrasounds

If the scans didn’t show the problems with the muscular tissue, the issue might be elsewhere and it might be neural, around L2,3,4 of your vertebrae, I am referring to lateral femoral nerve/ femoral nerve. Just like sciatica only anterior discomfort. Try vertebrae mobilisation as high as T10 as low as S1.

Silencer have you thought of systematic inflammation as part of the cause?

What is your diet like?

Are you serious?

I am serious but thankfully unless you have experienced some trauma of a particular magnitude fortunately or not, gut lining health may not enter into the realm of interest on a speed and power website.

Anyone let me know if you wish to learn what I discovered and I will explain more.

Thank you friends for the comments !
I will look into the back most definitely

I managed to get the MRI this monday so I think I will be much smarter after this scan !

Angela I am always interested in your vast experience ! I will report back here with the MRI findings Monday !

I can’t wait to play football again :frowning: This injury messed up a professional Europe contract for me so you can understand my motivation

I treat it daily
A few things/combination of things:
1 - a lack of internal and or external femur rotation - more often than not, lack of internal
2 - Seized pelvis
3 - pelvis in anterior or posterior tilt (or even both if twisted and seized)
4 - Lumbar rotation (causing pinched nerve route or the nerve itself could be trapped somewhere along the chain the said tight muscles/joint it crosses.
5 - Hip joint itself could be anterior/posterior displaced and thus pinching, and thus causing the muscles that cross the joint to spasm to protect the joint.

Where you been?

Maybe a tendinopathy of the gluteal tendon or TFL/ITB. Can you post a picture showing the location of the pain?

Boldwarrior and Robin thank you !
I have since done MR - Arthrograph of the left joint and they have confirmed a “small” labral tear, with no arthritic changes to the joint.
However, the dye did show a significant bulge on the femoral neck-ball junction, causing the pinching.

The regular non Arthrograph MRI did not show tendon changes

Here are some results

Currently I am booked for an Osteoplasty to round off the ball, March 28th.
If anyone here severely objects to this please speak now :slight_smile: Do you know people who have rehabbed from this type of arthroscopy and returned to competitive sports ?