2 point/standing start

hi all,

I can find loads of information on how to do a proper block, 4 point or 3 point start between these forums and online in general, but does anyone have any information on how to properly set-up for and do a good 2-point/standing start (front foot on the line, both feet on the ground, no hands touching the ground, timing from first movement)?

I realize that this tends to be the slowest style of starting, but because my school does a 30m standing test, and I would like to run a good time, I think knowing how to do a standing start properly would really aid my time.

I come to ask here because while exiting the blocks or a 3 or 4 point stance, things look pretty identical for me (feet spacing, shin angles and upper body position all the same), but once I enter a 2 point stance and try to start, I either need to do some sort of rocking to get going (which would definitely hurt my time from first movement), or I pop straight up and either end up uprigth in like 5m or breaking at the hips because my hip height ends up too high from an exit angle that is too high because obviously the same shin/back angles from a block/4/3 point stance cannot be achieved without supporting oneself with hands.

does anyone have any advice or cues? I’ve used the wrist flick or “pop” in the past for starting, but from a 2-point stance I pop straight up using either of these (either because they are crappy cues for a 2 pt, or because I’m setting up my stance wrong, I do not know). Also, should I be pushing with my back leg from a 2 pt? in 3,4 or a block start, force is applied with both feet at the very start instead of just stepping out, but i dont kinow if I should still do that for a 2pt. And should my back be bent over in the “cat stretch” as much as I can (like in a 3 pt) or should I set up with my back at the angle I’d like to exit at? And what about percentage of weight on each foot (50-50, or more on the front/back?)?

As you can see, I have a lot of questions…

i like to use the foot spacing with the forefoot inline with the heel…u can get in about 20 starts but I alternate left and right legs forward so I don’t wear the halux(big toe)joint out on either foot…say if doing 4X5X50m stride, then do the first 3 of each set with the right foot forward and last 2 with left foot forward…set 2: do first 3 with left foot forward and last 2 with right foot forward… and so on…It helped to get in strides and upright running in place with out overusing either big toe joint.

often times, when doing standing starts myself, i get into the “set” position but then when i take off I flex and shift into a new position. Most likely this is due to my body weight being too far back. Still, I bet it takes at least a tenth of a second from the time i want to start to the time i actually start moving. It might take some practice, but try to find that true start position to eliminate that flex/shift phase.

thats my two cents

Oh ok the flex shift that takes place on the front leg when going from midfoot stance support to forefoot support…i view the flex/shift as its always gonna be there cause i cant get rid of it…i think the flex/shift of the front leg was what caused the turf toe(halux limitus) i got, when i used to only start with the same foot forward

Also with the feet spaced closely(back foot behind 4-6inches) you almost eliminate the need to rock on the front leg(from heel/midfoot to forefoot support), but their is still a flex/shift on the front foot which does take a tenth of a second…however, at least its a explosive shift and not a slow long shift that is going to stretch/stress the halux joints