1985 World Cup - Canberra 100m Men


When you look at this race in wiki it only shows who the top 3 were. Do you know who else ran other than Kirk Babtist? cool to watch these races on you tube. thanks again chris.

by clicking on “show more” after you go to youtube you will see the results

1985 World Cup - Canberra 100m Men

For further videos, a modern history of track & field, sort, filter and search options see the website http://www.athlete.org.uk

1 Ben Johnson AME 10.00
2 Chidi Imoh AFR 10.11
3 Frank Emmelmann GDR 10.17
4 Kirk Baptiste USA 10.17
5 Gerrard Keating OCE 10.22
6 Nikolay Yushmanov URS 10.26
7 Marian Woronin EUR 10.45
8 Zheng Cheng ASI 10.48

Chidi Imoh I had met. Nice guy and charlie liked him as well. I noticed there was a video of him again in 1993. I wonder what he is up to now.

Yea that website has a ton of old race videos. Type in any name and there is probably a video on it.