1968 Olympic 200 meters - All 4 Rounds

I put all the rounds (all 4 of Peter Norman, 3/4 of John Carlos, and the semi & final of Tommie Smithraces) on my Blog:


Note how Peter Norman runs 20.17 in the opening round!

Note how JC almost gets DQ’s in the 2nd round.

Note how Tommie got injured in the SF

What you don’t see is Tommie NOT doing a practice start in his blocks before his Final, as he was still injured.

That’s for sharing this, i can’t believe it was 40 years ago. See Norman and Smith. Sprinting has always been, still is and will always be beautiful.

Wouldn’t happen to have any 400m Hurdles videos to share would you? My coach at my old JC was Ron Whitney, who had the world record for something like 5-10 minutes. I think he ran 49.0 in the heats, then it was broken the next round. I’ve never actually seen him run, would like to see that.


I think I have the 1968 OG 400m Hurdles with David Hemery of the UK.

I am also looking for Ralph Mann’s race in 1972 (John Aki-Bua won the gold, Ralph 2nd) as I met Ralph at the USATF NPEP in Las Vegas last month.

How was that conference?

It was “informative”. A great place to make contacts.

The underlying message is “all track and field coaches are underpaid!” :slight_smile:

I posted a few entries on my Blog already, and I have a few more upcoming posts with videos/demonstrations with John Smith and Clyde Hart.

Thanks. I look forward to that.