18m triple jumper 2015 - look out for this kid


great sprint form, great set up for board… posture during phases is impressive. He’s gone 18m twice this season. I think he can break Edward’s mark.

I find his start interesting - it looks like he does 3 steps as a pure sprinting acceleration then pops into a much higher amplitude stride that smooths out into the board. Fully agree the WR should be going this year, especially with Taylor there to nip at his heels (and Claye).

The cubans have artistic “intros” into their start mark…however once they get moving they hit beautiful postures and soforth. It’s like the opposite of Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner, in that it starts wild, but gets formal the closer to takeoffs

What about that one TJer who was wearing his Singlet like it was a woman’s blouse?
Wasn’t he from Cuba also?

I would have loved to be right next to the runway so I can see and hear the Explosiveness of PPP’s very impressive Jump.

copella/ capello? i think is the name. He’s one of the best.

Yes, I believe so. I wonder why he did it in a Meet a week or so ago. some msg to the world?

Aliecer Urrutia was the guy making a fashion statement. Set the world indoor record 17.83m in 1997 but quickly faded after that year. Not unusual for triple jumpers to have short careers. Impact forces on landing are insane.

Yeah, Christian Taylor switched legs for this season just for that reason (but hell so did Carl Lewis in the LJ so many years ago…)