16x110yds test in football

My co-worker’s son plays college ball and one of the tests they give at preseason camp is 16x110 in 15 sec a piece. Has anyone ever heard of top D1 schools or NFL doing this?

There are quite a few programs that have their athletes perform this test with varying reps, times and rest intervals. Some smaller Div III programs also administer the test as well.

Unfortunately, like most programs, they copy what a team does and think that is the secret to their success.

Just like the 40 yd dash. If the University of Wherever won five straight national championships, had five out of the top ten first round picks and touted that they test their athletes in the 23 yard dash because their research shows that was the average distance run by a football player through the course of a game when he…blah, blah, blah, blah…
Every team in the country with a CSCS would have them running 23 yard dashes.

Not a hard test to accomplish. Not specific to the game. Medium to hard willpower workout. Must be fit to finish it.

Fifteen seconds sounds a bit fast though.

Heck yea, its fast and since its football they are probably getting zero recovery.

Gotcha… I suppose they do it to weed out slackers. It might have been 16 sec. LOL 23 yard dashes? Well… How can you argue with the experts. They got it all figured out. Damn. I think some of those guys are the most FORTUNATE FOOLS… I wish I could be in their shoes…

The school I used to be a str coach at used this test. You had to jog back to the beginning for each rep. So it was 110x16x2-3520 yards and the total time of the test was 20 minutes (1200 seconds exactly including rest period and jog back time). OK so let’s figure this out. 3520 yards=roughly 11,000 feet. 2 miles in 20 minutes. WOW what a test (I am being sarcastic). I tried to get the coaches to change that didn’t happen. So I administered this test and kept my opinion to myself. At least the 300 yard shuttle has a acceleration/deccelration component.

I’ve seen a few variations on that test. One was 16x100 yards, 15 seconds each sprint with 45 seconds recovery.

When I played in college out preseason test was 10x100 yards in 15 seconds with 15 seconds recovery. At least that’s what it was for the little guys. Linemen and LBs were given a little more time to complete the runs. To train for it we’d do 10x100, 8x80, 6x60, 4x40…or something like that. Can’t exactly remember.

We also had the 300 yard shuttle test. 12x25 yards. We would do it twice with about 5 minutes in between and they would average our times.

That’s a pretty normal tempo workout for sprinters. I’m guessing most football players will accumulate alot of lactate with that though.

That 110 in 15 seconds could be 100% for some big guys which is rediculous

Larry Smith, formerly of AZ, as well as other schools does the 16 x 110 test. According to our head coach (he played for Larry at AZ) the 110s are based on the athlete’s best 40 time. I believe rest is 1 min.

This is just part of the testing procedures, along with body fat, body weight, squats, and incline bench. They test as the players return from summer as a way to keep them motivated during the summer months.

Thanks every one. I am going to try and post up the whole program. Its a big ass binder of all kinds of junk. The kid who does this program is a 4.2 HT runner and just under 200 lbs.

At my school we have to do 16x110 yards, skill positions get 16 sec, big skill gets 18 sec, and linemen get 20 sec. We get 35 sec. rest between.