12 years ago today - Bolt chases down Powell 9.77 to 9.83 into a -1.3 Wind

12 years ago today - Bolt chases down Powell 9.77 to 9.83 into a -1.3 Wind


Bolt races to an incredible 9.77 (14 days after Relay Final) after a slow r/t and a stumble early (2nd step too far behndhis COG) in the race to chase down a very game and now sharp and leaner Powell, who runs a 9.83. 9.75/9.76 Basic.

We all know what Bolt did in the weeks leading to this race.

Powell was injured late in 2007 running the 200 in miserable conditions-Groin. CF called it.*

Late April 2008 - AP injured his Pec training away from his Coach. An injury that required surgery. Another easily avoidable injury and he does not race again til the JAM trials bc of it.*

Sep. 2 3 days before AP raced to his PB of 9.72 (9.75/76 Basic) Same as his 9.83.11 and 12 days before that, he ran the anchor leg on the Relay. 120s which points to the same time or maybe just a little faster.*

5-6 days before that-AP has nothing left for the Final. Not enough time training under his belt, not managing rounds that well, etc.*

Had the 1988 OLY been held in Aug. BJ would have struggled as well. He ran 10.00 about 40 days before the Games in Zurich. HIs start and speed were there but not his fitness, speed endurance. Oh, and he weighed 7 lbs over his ideal weight. CF would have cursed anyone out who would have suggested to him that Ben needed a Mental Coach for Mental toughness or aka Psychologist lmao.*

In this instance its true but Powell has long history of given up in the final strides and not running through the finish line.


For example, the 2005 pre meet where Asafa Powell gives up a Win to the OLY Champ 2004 Gatlin.
The table was set for many great battles between them and then…Gatlin ran into trouble.
2006 Training was great. Many races.
2009 he only lost a little time early on…ankle and recovered enough in time.

July 22 2008

Powell gets away with a flyer to barely beat a tired Bolt who gave up in the last couple of strides.
There is a little concern that maybe he shouldn’t be racing both the 100 and 200 at the OLY Games expressed by his Coach.
Not enough experience, can’t make mistakes, etc.
CF says something like…he just needs to be a bit more recovered. He should be fine.

In 1979-1980 Clancy Edwards was in the mix. Not like he used to be however. He was among the fastest in the world a few years earlier. Injured 79.
He no longer seems to have the top speed he used to have due to his training issues.
When an athlete no longer has that top speed or doesn’t have the MaxV of the others who came up…this is when the less resilient start looking for the quick fix.
It’s his start he thought. Not at all.
Just like Desai Williams. He doesn’t have the MaxV of the others. But DW wants it to be about his SE when he should have just accepted what speed he had.

Clancy Edwards visits the shrink starting at 11 min. if anyone is interested.

This is why the Elite can’t be taken out of their game or shaken by the others. When training went great and they have the highest speed…just relax and execute.
I would have liked to see Coleman and Lyles test this out next year.