10m Interval Marks on Home-Stretch

Does anyone have photos of tracks with 10m marks placed on the homestretch? We will be having our University track re-lined soon and I want to request to put in those 10m markers so that they are visible for video analysis.

Any photos you can provide would be great. I want to show the contractor to make sure it is done right.

You can e-mail them to speedcoach@shaw.ca

Thanks in advance…

I don’t have them but i have put red tape at 10m internvals on the metal “piping” that runs around the inside of the track (i have no idea what this is called). I can then use the line drawing tools on dartfish to make these lines visible on the screen when analysing races. Not ideal but a cheap fix for those who can’t have 10m segments drawn onto the track.

N2 see PM
Also check this pictures
Im sure you can find plenty of such for Rome 1987 Seoul 1988 Tokyo 1991 Fukuoka 1997 in google

Thanks PJ - Hopefully this helps to build a case for including them in the repainting of our track.