100m Superlatives

these “superlatives” are calculated up to and including results in rieti 2008. KK

Most sub 10 second 100m times in a year
13* Asafa Powell 2008
12+1w Asafa Powell 2006
10 Usain Bolt 2008
9+2w Maurice Greene 1999
9 Asafa Powell 2004
8+1w Maurice Greene 1997
8+2w Ato Boldon 1998
8+2w Maurice Greene 1998
8 Frank Fredericks 1998
8+2 w Maurice Greene 2004
8 Asafa Powell 2007
7 Frank Fredericks 1996
7+2w (dq) Tim Montgomery 2002
7+1w Maurice Greene 2001

Most wind-legal sub 10 second times in a career

52 Maurice Greene
44* Asafa Powell
29 Ato Boldon
27 Frank Fredericks
18 Justin Gatlin (inc 7 drugs dq)
17 Tim Montgomery (inc. 11 drugs dq)
16 Donovan Bailey
15 Carl Lewis
12 Dennis Mitchell
12 Tyson Gay
10 Jon Drummond
10 Usain Bolt
9 Leroy Burrell
9 Linford Christie
9 Shawn Crawford

• Powell will probably add more this year. w = wind-assisted
Best all-time adjusted 100m marks

Compiled for Track & Field News by Charley Shaffer, taking account of wind and altitude
9.69 (actual time of 9.69/0.0 Bolt, Beijing 16.8.08)
9.70 (9.77/-1.3 Bolt, Brussels 5.9.08)
9.75 (9.72/0.2 Powell, Lausanne 3.9.08)
9.76 (9.83/-1.3 Powell, Brussels 5.9.08)
9.79 (9.78/0.0 Powell, Rieti 9.9.07)

Did Powell run over 9.99 for any final this year?

The question you should have asked is - will Powell or Bolt run over 10 sec. in the 100m ever again? :smiley:

After WAF, Powell is up to 14 sub 10s

Would be interesting to see how many sub 9.9s he has. He must top that list!

He’s now up to 23 sub 9.9 I believe. He’s easily topping that list.

15 sub 10s this season potentially if he can pull one more in Poland, the weather might really screw him there though…

After seeing them in this thread I’m just curious why there isn’t more talk of adjusted times on here?

They are good indicators of time, but since the margin of error for adjusted times often makes it so that the error-included times are overlapping each other, they’re not necessarily any more useful that knowing the weather and wind conditions at the time.