100m sprinter with a little excess fat

I am a 100m sprinter who was capable of around 11.1-11.3 electronic in May(only did 11.5 on horrible day), so I’m not exactly fat or anything. I just definitely have some excess fat that I think is holding me back. I look better in pictures actually, so that doesn’t help either. Anyways, I have just started GPP phase back up ever since last week june/1st week july. I would like to lose this fat that I have. I can’t do tempo runs because of my shoulder(sprints are fine actually), and biking doesn’t seem to help with fat loss much.

Any tips from a 100m’s perspective on fat loss?

If you’re consistent with your training going 5 or 6 days a week things should take care of themselves. If you feel you need to lose excess fat and get in better shape then you should probably extend your GPP phase longer then you would normally do it.

I’m only training 3 days a week actually, doing accel sprints monday and hill sprints friday, and weights monday/wed/friday. Besides that, I just bike a lot, and walk my dog :). I have lost some fat ever since beginning my sprinting “career” in September, but now I’m floating around 155 @ 5’7 or so. I can see my abs pretty clearly myself when I’m flexing (others seem to not see them as much i dont know…), but ive never been able to get the two abs by the belly button to fully split, and i do have some flab i can push through when I feel my stomach. When others want to feel my stomach I get nervous because I know its not skintight, its actually a little flabby on top.

I don’t know if I’ve either got love handles or muscle, but it seems like I’ve got some fat or muscle over my hips. When I flex it gets even more pronounced.

I am way lower bodyfat than this guy, but I still have that body appearance by his hips. See what I’m talking about?

I’m probably going to have 10-12 more weeks of GPP anyways, does this sound good or right? Should I extend it longer? Make it shorter? Only started it about 2 weeks ago.

Well how tall are you? 155-157 seems like a pretty good weight to me. Why dont you just post up a picture of yourself, cuz that guy looks a lot heavier than you sound.

I’m 5’7.

Alright, here’s a pic.

Im the same exact height and weight as you.
Have you had your body fat done?

Yeah I remember reading your stats.

I haven’t. I’d like to though! Any suggestions on how to get it tested accurately?

Find someone that knows what they are doing with calipers and make sure every time you get it tested it is tested by them. Different testers can vary up to 3%. So keep it consistent and you’ll have an idea of where your at. I was tested by the famous Jack Daniels (distance coach) who is an ex.phys. professor at my college and he got me at 5% I have also been as low as 3.9% and as high as 5.5% with other testers. The 2 times I did bioelectrical impediance I was 13%. So as far as I am concerned its crap.

When you know what your bodyfat % is we can decide how much weight can and should be lost.

You can use the fat calipers, which I have never used personally, but I hear they are fairly accurate.

As far as the fat you want to lose, it doesnt help that you cant do tempo. Normally the best thing for me in losing fat (not very often I do this, since I’m pretty lean as it is) is to do tempo runs with ab work in between. But since this isnt an option for you, I’m not sure what to say. Would you say that your diet is in order and that you eat healthily and in the right amounts? If excercise isnt the answer, then maybe diet is…

calipers aren’t accurate. They are however reliable.
I.e. if the sum of skinfolds in your baseline testing is 100, and then when you retest its 90, you can be sure you lost fat. You have an idea of how much, but not a necessarily accurate one

Calipers’ results depend very much on the person and can be accurate as well, if he/she knows how to perform the measurement.

As for tempo, let’s not concentrate on the idea that it’s main function is to lose BF; Mister C I know what you are trying to say and you are right, I am just making a point here…

Quick, how’s J. Daniels? Lucky to have him in your uni!

Haha! Jacks a great guy. Hes like Mr.Miogi. Real soft spoken and has a zillion stories. Also very humorous and a great caring personality.
Any questions you have he will answer and his office door is always open. He is alwasy willing to chat. Although I am now out of college he has also left Cortland after many years for a new gig somehwhere in the West.

Thanks guys for everything.

I guess I could clean up the diet a bit.

Hey that pick looks familiar…haha whats up man just registered here recently, seems like a great site.

Haha yeah man this site is awesome! :slight_smile: