100m sprint

i’ve this video at http://www.cmfaq.com/upload/2005_08_21-Mens-100m.zip 7.8MB

i need someone to asses the sprinters there, espically the winner … anyone?

i run a track fansite run by students like me, and i’m not the best technically experience person commenting on sprints. i’m doing an article on the video

here’s the rest of the info of that race

1 Shameer, Ayub 10.74
2 Seng Song, Poh 10.94
3 Shyam, U K 10.98
4 Jingze, Lin 11.06
5 Shafiq, K 11.13
6 Mohd Zaid, 11.36

thanks for helping me out … Charlie, any comments?

sha welcome to the site.i viewed the tape and automatically i looked at this guy with the orange shoes.i don’t know why but he was in my view from start to finish.

now technically this athlete is very very good.his leg action is great and notice that you can see all aspects of his action even in realtime due to his SL,hip height etc.compare him to the other guys…his hip height is very different,his SL and overall tecnique is quite more impressive.

also notice at 60 his SL appears to open up more.this is really great and if i had this athlete i would be very excited with what i’ve seen.his acceleration is good,technique is great(slight adjustments on the arm action) and overall this athlete in balanced.

have you anymore videos of his start in particular…i think he can clear them quicker with slight adjustments

this is by far the best technique i have seen on this site yet for am amature sprinter.technically very impressive

just a note…he apears to rise faster from the blocks than everyone else this is why i am questioning his start.also i think he can relax in his shoulder/trap or neck area…it appears he is a little tense

for anyone who wants to see techique then download this clip

very impressive

don’t forget that times will fall with time and patience with this athlete

Nice race. Poor conditions. How old are the sprinters in the group?

What do you focus on with your arms as you run?

Thanks … can i quote you on this at my site Anyway i’ve been a long-time fan of CF forums since 2003 & registered then , i just read topic, never post, until now

here’s the info of the athletes. the line-up is my countries national athletes. the best around found here

Lane 1 - PB of 10.9 this year

Lane 2 - PB of 10.9 this year. Princeton USA bound athlete

Lane 3 - PB of 10.6 last 2 years

Lane 4 - Winner, PB of 10.6. Last world champ in helsinki (wildcard entry), he ran a 10.8plus. this season a string of 10.7 to 10.9

Lane 5 - PB of 10.7 last year

Lane 6 - PB of 10.37. our 100m record holder. has seen a dip in form in recent form

any more comments is appreciated

yes poor conditions. some were far from their best timings

here are their age

Lane 1 - Around 30-31 yrs old

Lane 2 - Around 22-23 yrs old

Lane 3 - Around 22-23 yrs old

Lane 4 - Around 20-21 yrs old

Lane 5 - Around 25-26 yrs old

Lane 6 - Around 28-29 yrs old

any comments on the individual runnings style?

Orange shoes can definetly work on ‘picking up’. Quite pronounced backside mechanics.

Arm action seems somewhat rigid toward the end of the race. Nothing major.

Once he is clear of the blocks, his acceleration pattern is good.

First 2 - 3 steps aren’t great - would suggest block setup isn’t correct.

I agree with X-man, he does look good. Hip height is v. impressive.

overall very good.i’d like to hear cf’s opinion

What is SL? Btw im surprised more people didnt comment on this relatively good dislay of technique

SL=Stride Lenght