100m results

hey guys jus wanna know what u think. im 19 been training for 10 months, so far best time is 11.40 but only ran 2 races so far(11.33 +2.2 in other race), in the 11.40 race a crossed 60m in about 7.6 seconds, was coming dead last even behind a guy who fiished in 12.1, but ended up catching up and winning,
in training i usually kill my starts and i want to run at least 10.8 this season, any tips to start well in competition? how much have u guys improve in one season?

11.4 to 10.8 is a big jump…Set a .25 second goal…Aim for 11.15 and keep training hard.

Charlie has a video in the store called “CF Fundamentals 1: Speed and Strength” in which he gives really some good tips for starting. His ‘fast first hand’ cue works really well, as I have implemented it and seen it work. Tom Tellez is another who has a very good “system” for starting. Pfaff has some good stuff on starts as well…and has been strongly influenced by both Charlie and Tellez. You can find videos of Tellez and Pfaff on the “Canadian Athletics Coaches Centre” website. Like Charlie’s eStore, CACC is a fantastic place to go and find videos, podcasts, and documents of world class track and field coaches talking about their beliefs…you just have to be willing to invest in your own knowledge of the sport.