100m Final Edmonton

For those who want it, the WC from Edmonton, 100m final where Maurice broke down towards the finish. Ato finished 4th.

This has sound, i will post 2 other versions eventually. a slow mo from side angle and a slow mo of maurice front on. enjoy


Great clip los keep’em comin!

Slow motion, kind of a side angle:


Front on, slow motion of maurice, grimacing, u get the lot


Great videos!
When i started sprinting a year ago I used your site for motivation.
Maybe you could tell Clemson you have got a picture-page featuring Jennie Adams?

Cool videos los!

Great work!

What other videos do you ‘lying around’, as you mentioned???

i am getting an error everytime I try and d/l this link, is the link correct?

Hye los you have any Kenteris vids?

That link has been fixed now.

Spaceman: im sure you guys dont want to see videos of yours truly!! I have quite a few videos, but im just putting up the ones which would be of interest as such. eg, i have wc 400m races from 2001 , some local grand prix’s & nationals (australia) etc

i do have Kenteris’ ‘three’ races as such, they are of low quality (the ones from his website), but i can upload them if you want

Nice videos, thanks! His acceleration is impressive, and I thought PJ in that 9.88w was impressive, this is mind blowing. The way he jumps out of the blocks, he takes a 1/2 meter lead in his first 2-3 steps and then how he accelerates past everyone at around 40m. and takes control, so nice to watch. This is the first time I see this race as the 2001 WC was not broadcast at all in Argentina :mad: , but now I’m happy to see this :slight_smile: , was worth the wait. Mo is already in control from the blocks, I love how he rises to set so slow and smooth while everyone else pops up from the nerves. If it hadn’t been for the injury this is clearly the legit WR race, he loses over a meter from starting to decelerate 20m. before the line, he was probably on his way to mid 9.7 at 80m.

Any Jenny Adams video would be great…hey I am nice guy…

awww damn i already have those vids… i love them but i wanted to fin d more of his races, im going to see if i can find the 200m junior internationals thats he and I believe ato boldon was in where KK finshed like 6th.

i do have that movie, ato won in 20.63, Kenteris ran from lane 8… have 2 versions of it, thanks to ato himself…

ahhh yes it was on his site wasn’t it? Cause im tryin to remember where i found it

hello los,
do you have the 100m final video from sydney 2000. Thanks

No I meant what other Track vids lying around!!!

He’s a funny guy!

J haven been searching all over the place for a clip of the Edmonton Final, but so far all links are broken.

Do you know where to find it?

The link is broken. :frowning:

Here is the link to most of the races you would like to watch:

You would have to be a member though.