100 meter...losing speed

This is the tape of Indiana Girls State Trials.


The girl in lane 2 (blue and white uniform) ran a 12.31 (FAT)…she ran a 25.21 in the 200 (FAT) She had about a 3 to 5 meter lead with about thirty meters to go and then was caught by the pack. I know that she pops straight up, but is that causing all her problems at the end of the race. I beleve her explosiveness, power and top end speed is the caliber of a sub 12 runner.

Any suggestions would be great…is her problem technical, strength, endurance and breathing.


Sean McGinley

Does anyone have comments or suggestions.


Do the 20Fast 20Slow 20Fast drill. Make sure you train her to relax for the last 40m. Let her know that even the best sprinters in the world start to decelerate at around 70-80m. Relax, relax, relax.