10 day taper

is the 10 day taper that is on the CFTS done excactly as stated, with no weights, plyo’s ect.

please let me know.

As I understand it, the 10 day taper is for an elite level sprinter. I imagine Charlie would include some lifting during the taper but probably no plyos.

The more experienced the sprinter, the longer the taper. So if you’re a 10.7 guy, you might do a 7 day taper or something of the sort.

That was just the running portion of a taper for a top sprinter. Lower level athletes will require a bit less time and, of course some lifts and plyos from the season’s program will remain. Ben’s last bench session was usualy 3 or 4 days before the race with squats 6 or 7 days before.

ok thanks, so my pb is 10.5 would the 10 taper be usfull leading up to the commonwealth games trials, or would a 7 day taper be better, and if so, how is that modified compared to the 10 day taper? so the weights would still be down on the speed days.

Use the 10 day taper. This way you won’t get injured too close to competition. The extra 3 days are a safety net.

i was looking a the yearly plan in the CFTS and there is a rest period before the major comps.

does that represent a rest week and then going into a taper after the rest week.
does the rest represent the actual taper.

thanks guys

That represents the taper.

Question about two major competitions 2 weeks apart.

With a 10 plus taper to the first one, what do yu reccomend for the next two weeks till the next. Do another taper!! Last race of season is second comp.

I would select the one that’s more important and apply the taper there.
Hope it helps!

thanks charlie

one is the conference meet and the second is nationals

Hello everyone,I hope my question don´t get you angry but… what´s a taper?

I can´t coprehend that concept (I´m not a ussual English talker :o )

I woul be so glad if you could explain it to me :smiley:

See you!!!

Its when you reduce your training before a competition so you are NOT fatigued going into the race.

Hope this helps,


It helps a lot man!!!

But then if you reduce your training before a competition you should maintein that reduction of training during all your competition period?

or it´s just for the 7-10 days previous to competition?

Could you write some example?

Major competition usually and other competition is designed to facilitate the key comp.

Excuse me Charlie but I can´t comprehend your answer very well because the lacks of my language.

Lot of thanks anyway :o

As Moscow approach, how do you differentiate the taper for indoor (60m) vs outdoor (100m)?


I would assume the taper discusssed is a short to long taper

What would a long to short taper include?

i asummed that what ever approach you took by this stage the training would have merged. its explained in one of the vancouvor dvd’s.
so i would say the taper should be the same.

You usually need a bit less taper indoors.